Marvel, you’ve done it again. Uncanny Avengers may be the best #3 comic I have ever read. I wish I could just stop the review right there and just leave you with that. But I can’t. Reviews come in all shapes and sizes but my Editors would eat me for lunch. Maybe even fire me. With that said, I suppose I could go a little bit more in-depth. Okay probably much more in-depth. FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD EDITOR: Just review it already!

Okay! So the last time we left off, the Red Skull had just unveiled his master plan. He showed Rogue and Wanda his secret weapon. The stage was set for something “Uncanny” to transpire. Red Skull dug up poor Charles Xavier and took his brain. I know that sounds silly, but with Rick Remender nothing is silly. As silly as this concept does seem I can promise you that I never once chuckled. I gasped. I drooled a little bit, especially on the last page where we are graced with John Cassaday’s brilliance. I would love to show you the picture but that would just ruin the whole issue. Let’s dive into the meatier aspects of this masterpiece better known as Uncanny Avengers #3.

Uncanny Avengers PreviewRemender continues to portray the friction between team members as they are forced to face the biggest threat yet. That isn’t me hyping up the issue, I’m just trying to give you an idea of how much the cards are stacked against the Uncanny Avengers. Even though the Red Skull’s vicious plan is definitely front and center, the super squad makes their presence known. Havok continues to be a leader who isn’t quite sure why he is the leader when Captain America is fighting right beside him. Captain America continues to be the ultimate good. Even though Steve Rogers knows damn well he would make a better leader for this team, he still put Alex Summers in charge. Thor is just a badass and Wolverine is the Wolverine I never get to see in comics anymore. Rogue and Wanda don’t exactly get a lot of screen time but they had a good chunk of Uncanny Avengers #2 so I’m not complaining. It breaks my heart that there are going to be more members added soon but if Rick thinks that’s the right thing to do… by all means.

Besides the awesome artwork the whole issue shines from start to finish. Only the Red Skull could bring a story this big and make it so painfully devious. The one word I can use to describe this issue is: Disturbing. It is remarkably disturbing. Red Skull convincing people on the street to beat mutants to death was eye-opening to say the least. There is a reason Red Skull is Captain America’s arch-nemesis, he is evil! Very few villains in this day and age are evil. Red Skull is exactly that. He is a horrible evil man. With the Skull having the power to get people to do his bidding everyone is screwed. This team doesn’t need much to turn on each other. They already aren’t on the same page. It doesn’t help there is a voice in their head telling them the world would be a better place without mutants. Even Captain America of all people has trouble denying that thought. It’s sick. It’s twisted. But it’s true. The world would be a much better place if there weren’t any mutants.

Never in my life have a read a comic book for that long. There was so much to read! It sounds like I’m irritated. I assure you I am not. I am impressed that every single bit of reading was well worth it. This issue was $3.99 and I would have paid ten bucks for it. I am not joking. This issue is just that good. And this is coming from someone who isn’t exactly blown away by the comics of the year 2000 and beyond. This comic blew me away. Mad props to everyone who had anything to do with this issue. And Mr. Remender you just got yourself a nomination for best comic of 2013 in my book.