This issue was another excellent story written by James Roberts and paired with brilliant artwork by one of my favorite Transformers artists, Alex Milne.  This ongoing series makes me personally long for a new animated series that covers the Transformers universe with such depth and detail.

In the issue the Autobots race toward Cybertron to confront Galvatron and his army.  Megatron is being held captive on board Omega Supreme and Optimus Prime is no closer to finding out why he has suddenly surrendered.

Again Prime is feeling the weight of leadership even though Bumblebee is technically still in command.  The other Autobots are looking to Prime for leadership and he is no longer sure he’s capable to make sound decisions even with The Matrix guiding him.  He calls on Ratchet and Rodimus for advice as he is reminded of his early life on Cybertron before the war when he was known as Orion Pax.

In the days before the war, Orion Pax was a highly decorated police captain, who after meeting Megatron, begins to realize that the Cybertron Senate has become corrupt.  After fighting off an attack by Senate guards trying to break a high valued prisoner out of jail, Orion decides to face the Senate personally to deliver Megatron’s message of freedom for all Cybertronians.  He finds an unexpected ally within the Senate who gives him hope, but informs him that war is mostly inevitable.

Optimus then realizes what he must do and makes the decision about Megatron’s fate after he stands trial before a high court for crimes against the species.  Having Megatron on board may be a fatal decision once they reach Cybertron and confront Galvatron.  Chaos is about to begin.

“You’re a deep thinker, Optimus…next time you’re alone I suggest you reflect on what’s happened these last few days.  You ask what your role is in all of this..look inside yourself and you might find the answer.”

I love flashback stories like this because they gives insight into the history of the Transformers that we’ve rarely gotten before.  This issue is the lead in to the big IDW Transformers event Chaos.  This issue was one of the better issues over the last few releases and it looks like the Chaos event might be the best thing to happen to the series since All Hail Megatron ended.