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REVIEW: The Walking Dead #87- We Learn To Carry On Without Them.

Skott Jimenez 07/23/2011 Reviews

As promised, with The Walking Dead nearing it’s historic 100th issue, this series has made the move from Bullet Reviews back to it’s own review! Also, I’ll be including snippets of Walking Dead news that will include information on the AMC series, action figures and anything else I can dig up, so to speak. So, what I’m saying is, these reviews are a work in progress in terms of the format. Stick with me here because, as they say, it isn’t the parts that fall off that make a good zombie… it’s the bits that continue to cling and rot!

It must also be said that there WILL BE SPOILERS in these reviews. I’m not planning on posting future reviews on the day the book is released, I’m going to be waiting a day or two at least to give everyone a chance to read it but if you don’t want spoilers then you should ALWAYS read the newest issue first!

Let’s begin…

The Walking Dead #87
Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard
Published by: Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

The dust has settled in the Community (they really need to come up with a name for this place), the dead have been buried, the wounded have been tended to and now the future is being planned out.

Rick has decided that this is where he wants to make a life for himself and for Carl. Last issue he started mapping out how to make this place safer and now those plans have been set into motion. He’s still worried about Carl who still hasn’t regained consciousness since being shot back in issue 83* and seems very much on the edge of losing his mind to some extent. Long time readers will know about the phone conversations he  had, in his mind, with Lori. Well, they have another one and it doesn’t end well for Rick…

For the others in this town things are beginning to set in. Abraham and Rosita have broken up after Abraham confessed that he’s been sleeping with Holly and, as usual, after you lose what you have… he’s regretted what he’s done. But apparently not enough to stop.

Michonne is coping with the loss of Morgan as best she can considering she history with men and violence.

One thing is interest is Nicholas, he’s part of the Community from before the arrival of Rick and the others. He’s either making his first appearance in this issue or his part on this drama has been so small that I’ve completely forgotten him but he seems to think they can do better and survive without Rick and the others. I’m wondering if this will lead to a mutiny of sorts in the future. Good news is he doesn’t seem to have much support, at least not with Heath who he begins to talk to about how much trouble Rick and his group have been since they arrived.

Needless to say, these moments of calm rarely last for long. Some of our cast have come to, in some ways, resent the calm. Andrea seems to feel like she’s doing wrong by taking some time for herself for example. Perhaps the biggest news happens at the end of this issue. It concerns Carl and it’s the one spoiler I won’t give out until the review of The Walking Dead #88 next month!


So, overall, this is another fine issue. One of the charms of this series is, while the zombies are part of this world, they aren’t the main characters. They are a function of the story but Kirkman  focuses on the living characters and keeps adding things that make their growth and progress in this world natural and interesting.
It’s as close to real life as you can in a series that takes place post-zombie apocalypse in that not every day is full of action and excitement. We have those issues, sure, but we have many issues where these characters simply live. We get to know them and begin to care for them. Perhaps that’s why things like Lori’s death and Carl getting shot get such a reaction from readers, who knows. What I do know, however, is even the issues, like this one, where there is no action per say, are just as interesting and intense to read as the ones where it hits the fan.
There is a reason this ‘zombie comic’ has lasted 87 issues and shows no signs of stopping.


It’s also why the series has been to successfully translated into other forms of media. The AMC

series will begin it’s second season on October 6th and the early promos and teasers are all over the place. Naturally we here at Comic Booked understand that it’s hard to keep up with all this so, in the spirit of being your one stop source of information, I’ll point you into the right direction.
Our own Robb Orr has covered this show and posted an article featuring news on the surefire hit second season, as well as a San Diego ComiCon video right here!
So you say you missed the first season release on DVD or Blu-Ray? You say you didn’t want to spend money on it because there were no commentaries? You say you refused to pick it up unless you got the promised black and white version of the pilot episode?  Well, I think our own James Halstead has exactly what you want as he covers the exciting re-release of Season 1 on DVD and Blu-Ray!
Also, check out our recent interview with artist Charlie Adlard by Rob The Wrecker!

Well, my friends, I think that’s enough Walking Dead excitement for one month.  Be sure to keep an eye out (not like that! You zombies take everything so deadly serious) for future news of the Walking Dead as it shambles forward, non-stop, in search of new fans to devour.

*The Walking Dead #83 is included in The Walking Dead, Volume 14: No Way Out now available at finer Comic Shops across the country or for order online at!

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