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Review: The Memory Collectors #2

Tony Calandra 12/13/2013 Reviews

The Memory Collectors #2 just came out this past Wednesday and it is a book you might not know about, but should. I’ve been a fan of Menton3’s work since I saw 44Flood’s first Kickstarter- Tome. He has a very unique dark style. He paints dark yet majestic pieces for everything he does. The Memory Collectors is no different. He doesn’t let the confines of the panel to panel scenes we are used to hold him back. Actually he breaks those down and makes something good. This review will be pretty much spoiler free.

The Memory Collectors #2 starts off with our 3 main characters – Magdalena, Edith and Beatrice. They are hunting these vampire like creatures that steal your memories. They know their task is dangerous but continue on. Menton3 paints these characters with beauty from the dark side and I’m not talking Star Wars here. The beginning seems similar to a traditional comic book. There might not be panels but the thought boxes lay out similar to what we have seen. As the story evolves the scenes evolve. Menton3 delivers some bloody magic with the death of a character. This is where the comic book takes a turn to the prose style of writing with these haunting images to add to the effect of the story. The Memory Collectors #2 really dives deeper into this mini-series and it is a refreshing change of pace to the normal comic books out now.

Page from Memory Collectors #2

Along with the main story Menton3 delivers is a short story in the world of Memory Collectors by Ben Templesmith and Ben Murphy of 44Flood. Ben brings his classic style to this book with evil looking vampire type creatures that have razor sharp teeth ready for action. I do like to see shorts in the back of comics that are in the realm of the story at hand. It brings the same vibe as Menton3’s story.

I can’t state enough how different and fun this comic book is, 44Flood and IDW have a hidden gem here. I’m not sure a ton of people knew what to expect from this comic book but it is a sweet dark fantasy. If you are into art this is a comic book for you. With the huge pages of painted scenes and close up detailed characters it has everything you want from a horror style genre. I can’t wait to see how this ends.

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  1. jeffhillwriter 12/13/2013 at 11:03 pm

    Love the art! Might have to check this one out!

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