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Review – The Flash: Think Fast!

James Victor Von Halstead 11/10/2011 ZDONOTUSE

Welcome Comic Booked fans, month two comes to a close for DC‘s New 52 relaunch and for the most part the titles have been living up to expectations. One title I’ve been impressed with is The Flash, with the first issue playing up Allen’s human side very well. Now with issue two, we see his meticulous need to harness his power and truly become the fastest man alive. Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are the writers for this issue again, and Manapul does the artwork.

The story opens with The Flash surrounded by a bunch of the same guy. Manuel Lago, the man who just a day or two Cover of flash 2earlier he assumed died in a botch robbery, he is now trying to save from a group of himself. Of course they don’t come to the fight unprepared, and even though Flash gets the upper hand, they have Iris West and negotiate for her safe return. Flash concedes to their escape while he saves West.

Flash than meets up with Dr. Elias who is trying to help him tap into his true potential in the speed force. His body is willing, but the mind is weak. His brain needs to kick in to high gear to fully break free and go as fast as possible. The next day opens a world of possibilities for Allen, as he stands there, waiting for a light to change to allow him to cross the street, he notices everything at once. He sees how things are going to play out, moments before they happen, and he is fast enough to change them. Stopping a robbery, car accident, and saves a life, all in a flash of thought.

Iris tells Allen that she has found out that Lago is a CIA secret agent who was killed in action 16 months ago. She also found that no files or records are available on him. Allen leaves West, as she is preparing for an exclusive interview at a high security prison. We get a flashback sequence showing the first time Allen and Lago met, and how Lago left to join the military. Flash follows a few leads regarding Lago, while West is conducting her interview. Meanwhile Dr. Elias is studying the results of Flash’s test and notices a potential problem, while Patty is researching into Lago as well. Suddenly the whole city is rocked by what could be considered an attack on the whole city!

The cover, although makes sense considering the context of the issue, is rather bland. But the artwork is solid as usual, as Manapul really captures the sense of speed quite nicely. The whole comic is drawn very well, with a nice change-up in art during the flashback sequence. The story really shines here a well. I like how the concept of The Flash learning to improve his powers is explored. Another good issue, and of course it ends with a build up for the next issue.

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