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Review: Table Top Episode Six: Castle Panic

Richard Wilcox 06/18/2012 Reviews

Geek and Sundry brings us another episode of the hit web show Table Top hosted by Wil Wheaton and in keeping up with themes of introducing viewers to new or familiar games, they bring us the turret defense board game Castle Panic by Fireside Games. This episode’s guests are You Tube’s Black Nerd Comedian Andre Meadows, and voice actors and married couple Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal.

Castle Panic is a tabletop version of the ever addicting turret defense games that keep me playing for hours on end. The game play is simple as players work with each other to defeat the board. So in a twist of games the players are not playing for individual glory but rather together in co-op mode versus the “house”, if you will. The objective is to fend off the hordes of goblins, orcs, and trolls before they destroy the tower one wall at a time.

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Uncredited, but still ever present, is Table Top’s secret guest: The Table Top Mug (Artist rendering). That’s right, The Table Top Mug been in the backbone of all Table Top productions, and for far too long has it been in Wil Wheaton’s shadow. After months of planning and manipulating its way into this episode, The Table Top Mug has not only shown its true talent and ability but has exacted revenge upon those that had once oppressed it.

Here are my highlights of the episode:

4:00 – Ethics of wargaming
5:23 – Promiscuous behavior in gaming
6:40 – This is what we call hacking the game
9:37 – Yuri sure likes his sandwich… just saying
10:35 – Fear mongering
11:03 – Tara = Machine of death
11:35 – The Table Top Mug has been named!
13:00 – Construction begins
14:01 – Fate tempted into a response
14:50 – Hadoooken!
15:20 – It gets bad. The Table Top Mug starts its scheme!
15:32 – It gets worse! The Table Top Mug: “Bwahahahaha!”
16:30 – Wil reveals the true playing strategy of this game
16:52 – Yuri finds a new snack
17:38 – I don’t know why I’m laughing so hard at Andre’s voice here
18:20 – The Table Top Mug gets another name that’s almost as catchy… kinda
18:42 – It only takes eighteen minutes and forty-two seconds before someone gives a new significance to The Table Top Mug
18:49 – And karma once again takes action
20:05 – Okay so maybe this is worst
20:28 – Perhaps I’m speaking too soon for worst things happening
22:10 – This could be loveGeek And sundry Logo
22:38 – Jinxing it
23:23 – Wil comes to terms with himself
23:44 – Maybe, not
25:24 – It is over!

Interviews are ever enjoyable as Yuri Lowenthal give us the story on the significance and role Dungeons and Dragons had in his life. Andre Meadows gives a very insightful view on growing up mixing and merging racial and nerd cultures and how he fits in. No spoilers, but laughter ensues from this comedian’s antics. Tara Platt talks about the web series Shelf Life staring herself alongside her husband, Yuri, as well teaching that gaming is the best way to interact with friends.

In case you’re reading this before you watch the episode I do have a spoiler so stop now and watch the show before continuing.


So that’s what happens when Wil wins! It completely caught me off guard, so much so that I nearly spat up my drink over the computer monitor. Well played Geek and Sundry, well played.

So what did you think of this episode? Do you hope to see The Table Top Mug make another appearance? Do you think it might get its own show?

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