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Review: Super Corporate Heroes #2

Michael Wirth 04/28/2012 DO NOT USE

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for super hero stories, and I make no apologies for that. So when Super Corporate Heroes crossed my path, I was ecstatic to review it.

Created and written by the tag team of Suzy Dias and Miguel Guerra, Super Corporate Heroes takes place in an alternate reality where super heroes all work for a corporation, using their powers to necessitate regular people to buy and own “rescue insurance”. But, between all of this, a super villain, known as Invisible Hand, has his own nefarious machinations in the works, controlling Wall Street and steering the world’s economy in the direction he likes.

By Suzy Dias and Miguel Guerra

It seems all of the trouble from this issue comes from American Icon, the world’s strongest man. Though an employee of Superhero, Inc, American Icon is less than heroic behind the scenes. The company took the name from the previous owner, Tom Walters, who owned the identity when he worked for Superhero, Inc. Now he struggles through an embittered court battle to reclaim the name. Lewis also manages to rile up a fellow co-worker, Ms. Titanium, after an all-access interview with a local magazine. The issue offers little in the way of action, but manages to maintain reader’s interest through all of the drama that rears up between characters.

Corporate Super Heroes is an unique take on the world of super heroics. A story more than just good and evil, Guerra and Dias have crafted an interesting tale of the sort if infighting that occurs when big business gets their hands on the idea of saving lives. And they tackle it in the most believable way. Though the thought of owning rescue insurance is ludicrous to many, is it really any different than owning flood, fire, or car insurance? If a dollar can be made somewhere, an industrialist will find a way to make it. And in a world full of super heroes, rescue insurance is bound to be a reality.

As the second issue of the series (you can check out our thoughts of the first issue here), Dias and Guerra are still introducing their cast of characters. Though a few of them have important roles in this issue, like Sir Shroud and Muerte Fuerte, for the most part the story concentrates on a few of the major players. However, as the series progresses, these other guys will most likely have a more integral role in the story.

One of the best parts of the title is Guerra’s art. His style lends well to the super hero genre, producing characters that have a look and feel of a Saturday morning cartoon. The art is fun and playful, over the top in places and tastefully subdued in others.

With the rise of self-publishing and the things people can do with the internet, it’s great to see that creators are able to tell stories the way they want to tell them, and not rely on the big players in the industry. I applaud Suzy Dias and Miguel Guerra for going out there and making a unique and interesting super hero story. You can get yourself a copy of Super Corporate Heroes when it drops on May 1st at their website, in both print and digital, and be sure to pick up the first issue while you’re there.

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  1. Andrew Taylor 04/29/2012 at 2:24 am

    Really love the premise and the clean-cut look to the art.

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