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Review: Strange Kid Comix Magazine #2

Jacques Nyemb 09/27/2011 DO NOT USE

October is almost here! You know what that means? Time for good old fashion B-side horror movies, disemboweled pumpkins with creepy faces, candy, and even a chance to be those heroes in the comics we love so much. If you didn’t get it by now I’m talking about the Halloween season. Well the good folks at Strange Kids Club embodied this feeling in their Strange Kid Comix Magazine #2. It’s an anthology from several spook-tastic contributors, featuring zombies, alien invaders, blood, guts and much more!

About the Strange Kid Comix Magazine

Strange Kids Club is excited to announce its second issue of the Strange Kid Comix Magazine featuring a hauntingly awesome cover by David Hartman (— character designer and Emmy Award-nominated director for shows like Transformers: Prime, MTV’s Spider-Man and Extreme Ghostbusters.

This Halloween-themed second issue of continues the tradition of combining immature, gross out humor with a crazy love for pop culture parody in a spine-chilling new series of stories by creators Aaron Klopp, Brian Fyffe, Christine Larsen, Craig Collins, Glen Brogan, German Orozco, Sean K. Dove, Neil Camera, Smo, Beans and Bueller and Zach Bellissimo. Each short stars the club mascot; Strange Kid, a personification of prepubescent deviant behavior with a penchant for monsters, video games and generally causing as much Halloween-themed havoc to those around him as possible.

“This next issue of our SK Comix Anthology finds Strange Kid celebrating THE best holiday of the year: Halloween!” says Editor-in-Chief Rondal Scott. “We’ve got some killer (pun intended) stories this time around that pay homage to the horror genre spanning alien invaders and zombies apocalypses to the 1988 arcade classic Splatterhouse. We’ve even got some special monster masks that readers can cut out and wear!”

“Vibrantly illustrated by many of today’s top talents… artist interviews and gooey handfuls of dark humor help round out this release.” –Gary Pullin, (Rue Morgue) on SK Comix Anthology #1

Cover artist:
David Hartman
Aaron Klopp, Brian Fyffe, Christine Larsen, Craig Collins, Glen Brogan, German Orozco, Sean K. Dove, Neil Camera, Smo, Beans and Bueller and Zach Bellissimo.

My thoughts on the Anthology:

  • I love the nostalgic feel of the anthology. The cover alone invokes EC comics’ (Yay!) Tales from the Crypt. The internal pages look aged enhancing that nostalgic feeling. If you are like me and was around in the 80’s and 90’s something about this book feels right. There are so many references, horror and pop, that you’ll have  “I remember that!” moments. There’s even some old school ads, you know the ones for X-Ray glasses and ray guns. Only these frighten me if monkeys or dogs ever figure out how to send and receive postage.
  • The artwork is horrifyingly AMAZING! Everything about it has a “kids book for adult” feeling about it. The illustrations are polished but there is no doubt by the chopped up humans only strange kids could appreciate it.
  • Had a  interesting interview with David Hartman an Emmy Award nominated illustrator and director whose work spans from his early days on Extreme Ghostbusters to working for Rob Zombie and more recent projects like Transformers: Prime. It was neat seeing what STRANGE event in his life made him obsess over horror.
  • The back page has super-cool mask, by Keith Allen and David Hartman, you can cut out and terrorize the kids on Trick-O-Treat day.
  • The one thing that disappointed me a bit was how fast I devoured the comic. I was hopping for more pages. But I’m sure if more strange kids like me buy this book the demand will convince the Strange Kids Club to make these bigger and better.



Editor-in-Chief Rondal Scott III said it best, when describing his goals for this anthology,

What I hope to create with Strange Kids Club and this anthology is a community that shares the same appreciation of the strange, gross and weird; one that pays homage to the cheese-fests of the cinema wasteland and classic gems alike. It’s a passion project without a doubt and a true labor of love that I hope each of you enjoy and share for some time to come.

I say that he succeeded. If you are a fan of the weird and strange, pick up a copy of this frighteningly awesome comic!


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Jacques is a comics lover, 80-90's nostalgic and an all around geeky guy. He is a graphic artist by trade and just love all things artsy-fartsy.

  1. Emmet OCuana 09/28/2011 at 4:14 am

    There's a great Australian horror anthology book called Eeek! by Jason Paulos which also has that EC feel.

    I love that there's a revival of interest in those oldschool books.

  2. Jacques Nyemb 09/28/2011 at 9:28 am

    Thanks Emmet for yet another comic I need to check out! I think my wishlist has tripled ever since I've met you lol.

  3. Emmet OCuana 09/29/2011 at 12:51 am

    Happy to hear it.

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