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Review: Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who Assimilation 2 #3

David Vandervliet 07/24/2012 DO NOT USE

Universes continue colliding in the latest issue of Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 (a comic certain to be among the longest titled books of 2012).

IDW Publishing, the company behind the first ever cross over between these two long running fan favorite television properties, must be pretty happy with the turn out.   So far I am, for the most part, well more thrilled about issue one, than I was issue twoFirst Contact Homage - Doctor Who/Star Trek commercialBut hey that’s all in the past, and unless the timelines have sudden changed again, I am here to tell you about what I thought of issue 3.

I can honestly say I am happier now than I was at the end of issue 2.

This issue here had everything I liked about the series so far (good characterization, a strong main story, lots of fun) and didn’t have what I didn’t like about issue 2 (stilted delivery, a sense of stalling the main story).  And while not the romp that I found the first issue, there was one thing this issue had that set it above the rest of the series so far.

Tom Baker!

In a very clever bit of backstory, the Enterprise crew find an old Starfleet log of the Enterprise (the original, Constitution Class starship, NCC-1701) that reference an attack on a outpost by “Cyber-men” and the involvement of a stranger know only as “the Doctor”.  To help set this part of the story apart, Woodward step aside as artist for the flashback sequence, and the Sharp Brothers provided some classic 60/70’s looking pages, which reminded me of the old Gold Key/Dell Star Trek comics.

That iStar Trek/Doctor Whos mostly a good thing, and they got the Trek cast pretty spot on, but I felt their Tom Baker was a bit dodgy.  But hey, hat? Check. Scarf? Check.  Curls? Check. Teeth? Check? Jelly babies? Check!  Yep, that is the Fourth Doctor.  I also didn’t buy the Doctor’s exit.  I would have loved to see more interaction between our favorite Time Lord and our favorite Vulcan, both at the peak of their pomposity.

With this bit of history being added (a surprise even to the contemporary version of the Doctor, at first) we now know there is something affecting time itself, which I hope means there is even a bigger baddie behind what is going on in the story. But who? (Q? Oh please please let it be Q! And maybe teamed up with the Trickster god from Turn Left and the Sarah Jane series?)

Still we are barely half way through this series, so there are plenty of things to be discovered, and for the most part, I am looking forward to them.

My Score……. 8 of 10

Star Trek:The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #3
From IDW Publishing
A $3.99 comic, 32 pgs
Written by Scott & David Tipton, with Tony Lee
Art by J.K. Woodward and The Sharp Brothers
Cover byJ.K. Woodward
Variants by Elena Casagrande, Ilaria Traversi

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