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Review – Star Trek: Legion of Superheroes #1

Comic Booked 10/22/2011 ZDONOTUSE

When I first heard of this DC Comics/IDW crossover event, I wasn’t too excited.  Then I heard that IDW was taking the lead with it and I figured that it would probably be pretty good.  IDW has done phenomenal work with other franchises like Transformers, G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters and True Blood to name a few.  Their ongoing Star Trek series is off to a great start and being a big Trekkie, I figured I’d give this miniseries a go.  With no guarantees of not containing spoilers, I’ll give you my take on this first issue.

Star TrekThe Legion of Superheroes and the crew of the USS Enterprise are both returning to their respective Earths after a mission.  Captain James T. Kirk has been asked to give the commencement speech at the Starfleet Academy graduation ceremony, while the Legion is returning home for some much-needed rest.

The time bubble the Legion is traveling in suddenly encounters an eddy in the time stream.  The strain of the temporal pressures from the vortex starts to tear the time bubble apart.  Brainiac 5 is forced to set the time bubble down in an unknown location.

Meanwhile on board the Enterprise, Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, Sulu, Chekov and Uhura prepare to beam down to Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.  When they materialize on the planet surface they immediately realize they are not where they are supposed to be.  It looks like the Earth they know, but it is radically different from their world.

Both groups come under attack.  The Legion is facing a mob of angry civilians while Kirk and his crew come under fire from armed soldiers.  They fight back as best they can while Spock and Brainiac 5 scramble to find answers to both where and when they are.

The issue comes to a startling end as Spock and Brainiac 5 realize that they are exactly where they are supposed to be, but they have been transported to different universes.

I wasn’t too sure what to make of this issue the first time I read it.  I actually read it twice in order to get a better understanding.  The plot jumps from one universe to another rather abruptly for my tastes and it was a little difficult at time to figure out what’s going on.  To be honest, I am still not sure what exactly is going on and I can only speculate until the next issue.

From what I understand after two reads is that the Legion and the Enterprise crews are both on Earth in the 23rd century, but are both in different universes.  That being said, it may not be likely that the two groups will even encounter or interact with each other during the series.  I hope that I am wrong and if it turns out that I am not, I will be severely disappointed.

Visually this is an above average book.  The likenesses of the original Star Trek crew are spot on and the backgrounds are well done; especially the Enterprise interiors and the Earth scenes.  The action is a little confusing and difficult for my tiny, sleep deprived mind to wrap around.  I liked it enough that I want to at least get the next issue to see what happens and to satisfy my curiosity whether the two universes will come together.

Story by Chris Robertson, art by Jeffery Moy and Philip Moy.

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  1. Eric Scroggs 10/21/2011 at 11:24 pm

    I may have to check this out. Huge fan of both!

  2. The Nerd 10/24/2011 at 1:58 pm

    I just wish the first issue would have been a little more forthcoming with the direction of the story.

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