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Review: Smallville – Guardian Concludes!

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With the next episode of Smallville upon us, it’s finally time for a quick review of how the previous episode, Guardian, concluded!  If you’re still catching up on your reading be wary of spoilers here, otherwise dive right in!  Fans of the show will remember that a typical Smallville episode ends in two parts.  First, after Team Superman solves the case, Clark goes off and saves the day with his powers in a way that only he can.  After the action resolves, the second ending addresses the emotional conflicts and consequences of the episode’s events.  Superman does have an all out brawl with Robot-Hank, but there’s also a continuation of the season 10 theme of “antagonists can be reformed,” where saving the day has a deeper meaning than just knocking someone out.  That takes place in chapter 11 of Guardian, with the second resolution taking place in chapter 12.  Superman has a confrontation with Lex Luthor, and a heart-tugging exchange with Lois on the Daily Planet rooftop.  Now this being a season premiere episode, it also has to wrap up last season’s cliffhangers and introduce some overarching threats for this season.  Season 10 had more of a series finale obviously, but I’d say Clark emerging as a fully suited and booted Superman was a pretty big cliffhanger!

Smallville Guardian the stunning conclusionGuardian was a great introduction to how this new Superman operates, and this season is promising some major events already.  In Guardian’s conclusion we learn that the mystery pilot is actually Chloe from the alternate universe.  She arrives warning that her world has been destroyed, and in the conversations about it the word “crisis” is distinctly used.  Comic book fans, you know what that means, and I won’t spoil the possibilities too heavily for any Smallville fans attracted from the television show first, but for now let’s just say all of existence could easily be threatened, and I mean ALL of it.  Tess is working on a way to take control from inside Lex, which is incredibly interesting, but the most imminent threat we feel here is Lex’s latest move in his chess match with Superman.  The shuttle accident was staged to stain Superman with a traceable radiation, which Lex can now use to track him no matter where he goes.  Seeing Clark explain to Lois why he can’t come home to her was tough for the Clois fans, but it sure was some great writing! With Guardian concluded I want to say once again that this comic book continuation has delivered everything I promised about the writer- someone with passion for the material, a near encyclopedic knowledge of Smallville, and very strong comic book sensibilities.  I’ve thrown a lot of kudos to all of Team Smallville for preserving the look and feel of the show, and I’ll still do so occasionally in the future, but from here on out consider that a given!  This book has to sink or swim on its own, and the new episode Detective is the first step in one of those directions.

As always, please buy Smallville, don’t pirate this book.  Remember, we vote with our purchasing power, and it only costs 99 cents a digital chapter to flex your consumer muscle on this one.  Another print collection will be available soon, so if digital isn’t your thing DC has you covered!  Also, let’s make sure to give credit where credit is due:


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