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Review: Sex Criminals #6

Newell Turner 06/25/2014 Reviews
Sex Criminals

Sex Criminals

After a short hiatus, Sex Criminals is back… and thank goodness! This is easily one of the best books on the stands (or behind the counter, because adult content) and number six keeps up the level of quality. We start off with Suzie giving us a quick summary of how things wrapped up after last issue’s adventure before Jon takes center stage. He recaps the aftermath of escaping the Sex Police and discovering some sort of tracking device. Jon then goes into how his relationship with Suzie has begun to slow down a little. Stress leads to troubles in bed which makes it difficult for Jon to synch his “powers” with Suzie’s, leaving him alone in The Quiet, something he thought he was done with. Things go even further downhill when Kegelface, the leader of the Sex Police, shows up to make a deposit at Jon’s bank. Not eating or sleeping, Jon then becomes convinced that he’s got CancerAIDS. His condition gets worse and worse and, off of his meds, he starts to go to a dark place. The final straw comes when he realizes the Sex Police have infiltrated his and Suzie’s lives and fouled things up for the library. Now he is out for revenge.

One of the trademarks of Sex Criminals is its sense of humor. That is toned way down in this issue in favor of a serious examination of Jon’s “brain things”. The pros and cons of taking meds and being off them, and his overall quality of life are thoughtfully portrayed without judgment or ridicule. It’s just a part of Jon’s life, and we see how the character chooses to deal with it. Matt Fraction has gone on record as saying that this issue contains some autobiographical stuff which gives it all a very honest tone.



As always, the Sex Criminals letters column is worth the price of admission on its own. A variety of honest, open, humorous, and sometimes bizarre letters from fans are printed. Sexual experiences are shared, questions are asked, and much porn is found in the woods. Fraction and Zdarsky chime in with advice or gentle jabs, or just plain odd ball comments. As always, sex tips are prominently displayed across the top of the letters pages which are meant jokingly, but in some cases are probably not such bad ideas. Issue six is unique because the letters column includes some Q&A between Fraction and sex educator Emily Nagoski. Fans are encouraged to write in and ask questions of Nagoski to be published with answers in the next issue. There’s also a very special fan art submission in the back of the book from a well known artist.

Sex Criminals is back on a monthly basis for the time being which is good because it is one of those books that I can’t wait to read. With the way this issue ends, it looks like things are about to ramp up, making it even harder to wait!

My rating – 5/5

To find out more about Sex Criminals, check out the series homepage from Image Comics.

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