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Comic Booked 08/08/2010 Reviews

Scott Pilgrim Vol 5 Comic

Volume five of Scott Pilgrim: Scott Pilgrim vs The Universe is a wonderful combination of all the fun elements of  Bryan Lee O’Malley’s series. It also delves deeper into the natures of Scott, Ramona and their group of friends and enemies. It is Scott’s 24th birthday and he happily celebrates with Ramona and friends. The two seem comfortable in their relationship. Professions of love have been exchanged, they are living together and seemingly on the road to a happy future. Even the arrival of two more of Ramona’s exes : Kyle K. and Ken K. does little to spoil their happiness. Especially since they are only sending Robots to attack Scott at this point.

Where this volume shines is Bryan’s deft handling of the changes and insecurities long-term relationships can bring. Scott, the eternal Peter Pan  enjoys his  relationship on a simplistic level. Ramona however is going through some subtle changes. First her hair. It has grown these last months and Scott notices she hasn’t changed the style or color for some time. She also has developed less care for Scott’s feelings as she admits that she doesn’t really care for his band. Then there is the GLOW.

Scott has noticed that sometimes in distracted moments Ramona has a strange glow around her, she gives no explanation and brushes off his questions. Knives Chau, Scott’s Ex makes an appearance in this issue as she angrily attacks Ramona, and confesses to her that Scott cheated on them both. This creates a deeper rift between Scott and Ramona and intensifies Ramona’s GLOW. She asks Scott for time alone. Scott is despondent but has to rebound quickly as the evil twin exes have kidnapped his friend Kim Pine.

After the battle Scott rushes to Ramona. He finds her sitting in her apartment, hair newly cut, and a strong GLOW about her. They share a few tender, heartbreaking moments and then she fades away.

I really wasn’t expecting the series to deliver such an emotional twist! This by far is my favorite volume. I didn’t realize how strongly I was resonating with these characters until I felt the impact of this volume. Very well done!

Join me next week as I review the 6th and final volume of the series and give you my thoughts on the movie.

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