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Review: Scott Pilgrim Vol 2

Comic Booked 07/29/2010 Reviews

This second volume is titled: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World . I found the title a little cryptic since it begins with a flashback  of Scott at 16. It is apt for this volume though.  Through the flashbacks we learn that Scott has been fighting battles for much of his young life. Whether it  the bullies on his first day at a new school, or rescuing new friend Kim Pine from Benvie Tech H.S., Scott is  filled with courage and kick- ass fighting skills.

We also learn more about Kim and Scott’s relationship in the past. The issue than brings us to the present where Scott is enjoying his new relationship with Ramona, while conveniently forgetting about his other relationship with Knives Chau.

In his breakup with Knives we see the less stellar parts of Scott’s personality. He has avoided the confrontation, even continuing to see Knives after school. It isn’t until his roommate Wallace threatens to tell Ramona that Scott harshly breaks up with her. It was interesting to see these faults in the Heroic lead of the tale. Bryan unflinchingly examines the relationships of Scott and his friends, showing their flaws and heartache.

In this issue we are also introduced to Ramona’s second ex: film star Lucas Lee. We also get to see Ramona in action as she  fights a slighted Knives Chau who blames Ramona for her break up with Scott.  A lot happens in this volume as the stage is set for Romona’s next ex along with a possible battle with one of Scott’s exes! This volume definitely sets the tone for future books as the series takes a more serious turn along with the comedy and pop-culture reference’s we have come to enjoy.

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