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When I’m offered the chance to review anything, I always check out the material first and make sure it’s something I might be interested in.  This is the first time I just didn’t really have time to research the project before I said “yes.”  So when I say I had absolutely no idea, that Road Rage #1 from IDW Publishing was a tribute to Richard Matheson’s Duel, or the massive amount of talent involved with this, I mean it.  From the bottom of my heart I mean it.   But I could not be happier that I said “yes!”

This is one of those stories that throws you in halfway through the story, and it only adds to the enjoyment.  Honestly, you can’t expect less from father and son team Stephen King and Joe Hill (if you haven’t read Locke and Key, READ IT).  Joe Hill is a phenomenal story teller, while Stephen King is well… he’s bloody Stephen King!  The series is definitely full of award winning talent who apparently should have been working on comic books all along.  Which brings us to the man of the hour Chris Ryall, who has updated/adapted this beautifully.

road rage coversThere is a gang called “The Tribe”, and by the third page you already know that this gang is tight.    These people look at each other as if they were family.  They stand by one another through thick and thin, regardless of consequences.  It is a group of people that most certainly don’t follow the same code of ethics, but they know blood is thicker than water, and to them that is all that matters.  The story revolves around Vince and Race, a father son duo who aren’t exactly on the same page, but you can tell they are important to one another.  The rest of the characters are your supporting members of the gang, ans some get a bit more depth than others.  Lemmy in particular is one character who will probably wind up playing a key role.   The one thing they all want, or at least think they want, is to stick together.

In life you don’t always get what you want.  Sometimes something so awful comes along and rips your family apart.  Sometimes literally; other times metaphorically.  In the case of The Tribe, we mean both.   In true story telling froad rage 3orm, we are only shown bits and pieces of scenes, most of which we can assume some really terrible things have happened from the dialogue that follows.  But then something even worse happens.  Something that would make you cry yourself to sleep, make you question what exactly just happened, and worst of all, wonder if you have what it takes to do something about it.   This scene I am describing to you– that does not cut away; we don’t hear about it in character dialogue but it is brutally shown– and the artwork is stunning.  Not exactly something you want to see, even in your nightmares; it is almost stomach churningly gruesome.

To say I’m looking forward to issue two of this series is a huge understatement– it left me drooling for more.  Part of me feels like I am a really terrible person for saying that, since the last part is nothing but sadistic and horrifying.  But let’s be honest here, did you expect less from Joe Hill?  Much less the king of creepy, Mr. King himself? And the Prince of Suspense, Richard Matheson.  Put those together and you get Chris Ryall’s “Road Rage”  I will be sure to follow this title, as it has more than peaked my interest– it has invigorated my thirst for blood!   What have you done to me Road Rage!?

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