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Review: Punisher #7

Tom Whitman 06/27/2014 Reviews

I was really excited to read this issue after reading issue #6. If you are not reading Punisher right now you are missing out on some astonishing work. This run of Punisher has been outstanding when it comes to the famous Anti-Hero Frank Castle.

Punisher #7 finds Frank in cartel infested Mexico after his calamitous encounter with the new Howling Commandos. Frank finds himself in the hands of a conniving back alley doctor; who sells out his whereabouts to a drug lord by the name of El Diabolito. Frank is then sent to his compound in Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, Frank is being held captive and viciously tortured by El Diabolito in order to improve his gangster cred with the other drug lords, all of this while awaiting the arrival of Crossbones to transport Frank back to Crossbones’ employers.

Punisher injured after fight with Howling Commandos.

Punisher injured after fight with Howling Commandos.



Torture is nothing new to The Punisher.

Torture is nothing new to The Punisher.

Of course we are talking about The Punisher here, so the torture techniques aren’t anything already too familiar to him. El Diabolito then makes his biggest mistake and places Frank in a holding cell with a Special Forces Medic, who is awaiting his untimely Special Forces rescue and tends to Frank’s torture wounds. The two of them escape, after an exhilarating battle with the drug lord and Crossbones, but are now stuck in the ferocious jungles of South America. Outnumbered, out gunned, can Frank make it through this?

He probably will, because he is the Punisher. As long as we have Nathan Edmonson involved in this story. Nathan Edmonson and Co-writer Kevin Maurer have been keeping the monologues to the lowest amount allowing Punisher to develop his interactions with those around him and allowing the artist Carmen Carnero to tell this action-packed story.

Carmen Carnero is on this issue, but doesn’t disappoint fans of Mitch Gerrard’s. His almost resembling art style is what I expect the current Punisher series to look like. The scenery of the South American jungles to the action filled scenes in this issue are nothing short of astounding. It’s great to see artists not living under the shadow of Jim Lee in these All-New Marvel Now! stories. Carnero’s sense of pacing with his action is a feat in its own, the ability to feel a sense of morality for Frank as he is getting tortured maliciously continued into the battles of the issue is entertaining none the least. Honestly I can say I’m a fan and hope we can see more of Carnero’s work in future issues.

I’m really intrigued to see how Frank is going to make it through this without his normal amount of resources. This run of Punisher is only going to get better come issue #9 when the All-New Marvel Now! Black Widow entwines with the Punisher as I am a big fan of that run as well. The Punisher is a great west coast induced gangster crime story that doesn’t fall short of any Marvel Fans expectations that does have some number of funny moments as well. Check it Out!

My Rating: 4/5

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