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Private Dick #3 is the newest instalment of adult alternative superhero humour from the multi-talented team and creators behind comic book company Bizarre Comics. reviewed issues one and two back in June and you can read the review here. This comic begins straight off where issue two ended, on a cliffhanger. Agent Happyman has been investigating a lead bringing him closer to finding out the mystery behind the “Omega.” While breaking into Tinkle Tot Toys, Happyman’s investigation is interrupted by “Mainstream” a cyborg guardian hell bent on destruction. Battle ensues and who will come out on top? Will this be the end of agent Happyman or will he defeat the evil mainstream and get ever-closer to unlocking the mystery behind the “Omega?”

From start to finish this comic is a hoot. It is packed to busting point and almost every page has an explosive action sequence. The writing by Kris Johnson is great and his sense of humour really shines through. The comic is full of cleaver one liners and will have you laughing out loud on a regular basis. Beneath the comedy and action, there is also a very intriguing buddy story developing between Happyman and his fellow agent “Voltage.” It may well remind you of that love hate relationship you have with your best friend where you can insult each other on a regular basis and there are no hard feelings. My only very minor quibble would be that the pace and action are so breakneck that I had to stop and double back a couple of times just make sure that I didn’t miss anything. But this is a small price to pay to have a comic gut loaded with content. All the characters are instantly likable (even the evil ones!) It reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons, but for adults.

The artwork is also good; the mysteriously named “The Dick” once again works his magic with a unique style and quirky characters. The panel placements and shapes are functional and work well. Everything in this universe has a larger than life feel and tone. The coloring works really well with the artwork. It is bright and clean. It serves it purpose and doesn’t try to do anything too fancy. The lettering is good and placement is well thought out. It is easy to read and follow with some really great sound effects. The flagship webcomic from the creators called “Lil Zombie” also makes an appearance. The last few pages have a collection of shorts from the webcomic and they are simply genius. The idea of a badly behaved baby zombie is something I have never seen before and it’s allot of fun.

I have enjoyed every issue of this comic series to date and would recommend it to anyone that likes fun and quirky characters and content full of humour ranging from the offensive to the just plain bizarre.

Bizarre comic’s titles are available to order directly from their website. They offer both digital and printed copies of their comics for your enjoyment. Pop by and check out what they have to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

+Adam Cheal

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