Spoiler reviews for Deadpool and Superior Spider-Man!

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In the video above, 2ComicNerds review both Superior Spider-Man #25 and Night of the Living Deadpool #1. This written review will focus only on Night of the Living Deadpool. This story is the fourth installment of the Cullen Bunn Deadpool mini series line. Previous Deadpool mini series from Bunn include: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool Killistrated, and Deadpool Kills Deadpool. 

This story was a lot of fun. As you could imagine based on the title, this is a zombie book. Based on this first issue, there doesn’t seem to be a link between the first three Deadpool series. The first thing that stands out is the art. Roman Rosanas, the artist, does an incredible job drawing this terrifying future. But the element that stands out is the coloring, everything is black and white EXCEPT Deadpool. During the zombie scenes, Deadpool is completely colored while even the environment is black and white.

The story itself was surprisingly good. Zombies are mainstream and becoming stale, BUT Cullen Bunn makes it work! One of the greatest factors is that you can almost feel a Walking Dead tone when reading this. The black and white color choice is obvious, but the world set feels very Walking Dead featuring Deadpool.

Something else that’s great is the unique take on the zombies. Instead of the cliché, “bbbbrrrrrraaaaainnnzzz,” type zombie, we get ones with sympathy and coherent speaking skills.

All and all this book was very enjoyable and read very smoothly. Anyone that likes The Walking Dead will find the book familiar in a good way. The humor lands more times than not and the art is very pleasing to the eye.

If you would like to know more about this issue please check out the video review by clicking here, or watch within this post!

2ComicNerds rating: 5/5

In this episode AJ and Lee review 2 comics! The first being Superior Spider-Man #25, the end of the Darkest Hours arc. The second being Night of the Living Deadpool #1, the fourth installment from Cullen Bunn’s Deadpool mini series.

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