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Review: Marvel vs Capcom 3

Comic Booked Guest Writer 02/16/2011 Games and Gaming

The third installment of Marvel vs Capcom was released at midnight February 15th for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. With a familiar battle system, over the top special moves, and combination attacks that happen at break neck speed this as serious as two-dimensional fighting gets. Prepare for a cosmic battle with Marvel vs Capcom 3.

It’s been over a decade since Marvel vs Capcom 2 hit the arcades. With the decline of arcades in business over that time span this game recaptures some of that lost fun. An advanced fighting engine allows you to beat your friends up in spectacular fashion. The screen literally complimenting you like cheering arcade goers. Words like “Sweet” and “Stylish” appear as you crush you opponent. It’s easy to not notice with everything happening on the screen. Fireballs, fists, dogs, lasers, and concrete are flying across the screen, all in great detail. Each character was created three dimensionally for a more realistic look, but restricted to two dimensional movement for the game play. The result is worth the extra effort.

The beautiful chaos is taken to another level with special moves which can involve more than a single member of your three person team. Serious damage along mixed humor make the battles as fun to watch as play. Representing the Marvel characters goes beyond signature weapons like Mjolnir and adamantium claws. The spirit of the character is captured as well. One of the best examples being Capcom’s representation of Deadpool, seen in this IGN video montage.

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The story line is typical ambitions bad guys looking to conquer. Doctor Doom and Albert Wesker attempting to unite and rule the two universes. Marvel and Capcom characters must fight to stop them. Oh, and then deal with Galactus!!!

The playable characters thus far (more downloadable to come) include

Marvel vs Capcom 3MARVEL

Captain America




Iron Man
















Marvel vs Capcom 3


Akuma Albert Wesker



Chris Redfield




Jill Valentinea

Mike Hagger

Morrigan Aesland

Nathan Spencer



Tron Bonne

Viewtiful Joe


*Jill Valentinea is downloadable

There are Marvel characters that will not be making playable appearances. The Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer for example. The choices were a combination of game developers issues and allowances by Marvel.

Marvel vs Capcom 3The Mission Mode consists of preforming specific moves to gain unlockables. Shadow Mode allows you to download and fight teams with AI programed by Capcom to emulate the techniques of top fighters in the fight game scene. Online play is also available with skill level options in place for newer gamers.

Experienced gamers will have to deal with a slight button change. Going from the four punch and kick buttons in Marvel vs Capcom 2, to a three button system of light, medium, and hard attacks. Combos are still a large part of the game play but the added “launch” button adds the importance of team combos.

Trailers, screen shots, videos, and character teasers have been all over the web since it was announced at Capcom’s Captivate press show in Hawaii in April 2010. Chances are you have seen or read about it already and it’s everything promised. Long time fighter or new button masher, grab a copy today!

Marvel vs Capcom 3

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