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Review: Marvel Super Hero Squad

Comic Booked Guest Writer 07/01/2013 Games and Gaming

At first glance, the Marvel Super Hero squad appeared for kids only. Fortunately, I am very immature. With their oversized feet and big smiles, the squad seemed kid friendly and not for me at all.  I do not have children, and coming across a “cute” Wolverine and a “happy” Hulk gave me the impression that this was just a ploy to sell toys. Nothing like the highly entertaining level of animation Marvel has been producing for years. I assumed the worst. With the show’s second season, I looked again and noticed something changed my mind. I saw that M.O.D.O.K. was on the show. The “Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing” was a villain on a cartoon aimed at very young children. This type of villain deals with some very complex issues, and I would have thought an evil floating brain as something Marvel and Cartoon Network would avoid in their cartoons. After going to the show’s website, I saw characters I did not expect: Dr. Doom, Ms. Marvel, even Dormammu! There were games and a make your own comic book section. The type of activities eight-year-old me would have spent hours on.  That was enough to warrant a second look. So I watched the show with an open mind.

Marvel Super Hero Squad

Even the website was not what I expected. There are few advertisements for the toys, or anything except the Wii game. The site incorporates video and activities for young Marvel fan boys to enjoy. You can catch a few episodes of the show there at along with some flash based games, and a comic creator.  A solitaire game which kids should love. Because children love card games you play alone. There is a Skrull themed bejeweled type game that is not bad. A tower defense game, in which you set characters powers on buildings to defend against attacking armies seeking to destroy Stark tower. This game is awesome. I am glad I do not have a child to fight with about who gets to play.  Play it here.
Additionally, the site has a newspaper style comic strip archive, along with a create your own comic strips or book. I went for book, and found an editor that was easy and full of options. Pages with comic panels, characters in action poses, backgrounds, talk bubbles, even add sound effects. All drag and drop, and easily rotated or resized. When done, you can print or download a .pdf for later enjoyment. All great fun and creative fun for kids or me. Click here for a quick 5 page one I did as a sample.

If that was not enough, Marvel Super Hero Squad already has some games based on the show. But in keeping with educating young kids to entertainment based on Marvel history the  Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet is coming out for wii this fall.

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Marvel Super Hero SquadAfter all that, I can safely say I misjudged Marvel Super Hero Squad. The cuteness factor still gets to me. I still recommend it to any fan with or without kids. Do not expect the Magneto to pull the adamantium from Wolverines bones. But you will see plenty of great Marvel characters. All be it lighter versions. The cartoon is very funny and well written to appeal to kids and adults.


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