The Martian attack continues! This time the attack occurs in the most unusual reality of all: The Real Ghostbusters reality! Yeah, the Saturday morning cartoon gets attacked, but don’t worry, these Real Ghostbusters aren’t really kiddie versions.

Week 3: Mars Attacks The Real Ghostbusters
Real Ghostbusters

The story begins in 1938 in the same area made famous during a certain War of  the Worlds. A Martian ship picks up the broadcast and doesn’t realize that it’s just a radio play; they believe the long-planned attack has begun so they go to join it. They soon realize nothing is going on and, thinking it’s an Earthen trap, try to escape and end up crashing and dying.

MadmanFlash forward to modern times and the crash site now has a farm on top of it and the Real Ghostbusters are called in because the Martian ghosts have been riled up and plan to resume their attack on Earth. We end up with Ghostbusters Vs. Martian ghosts on a farm and it’s very entertaining.

The question here, though, is are we going to see more of this version of the Ghostbusters team? The art by Jose Holder really does bridge the gap between the animated look of the characters and the comic book style we are all used to. Nothing really looks out-of-place and all the characters are recognizable and the way the characters are written is isn’t hard to hear the voices from the animated series, especially Peter’s voice for me. But the pieces are there so if IDW is planning to do a Real Ghostbusters series or miniseries, I think the team from this book is the team they should keep. I’d certainly be on board to, at the least, get them in trade because, well, I don’t have any Ghostbusters trades on my bookshelf!

So the story is fun, the art is solid but there’s one more thing I have to mention before I end this: TheChew cover. Yes, I know, I’ve talked about the covers for this series and how awesome I personally think they are but the cover for this one is also in need of being spotlighted. The regular cover still homages the trading card origins of Mars Attacks but this week we had two variants that were just plain awesome: Mars Attacks Madman by Michael Allred and Mars Attacks Chew by Rob Guillory and as nice as they look in these pictures, I promise you they, like the covers of Ray Dillon, look WAY better in person!

(Yes, I realize this is a shorter review but there really isn’t much to say when you have a crossover with a property that doesn’t have much current history. But that doesn’t mean the book isn’t a really fun read!)