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Review: Magneto Gets Violent in Uncanny X-Men #16

Comic Booked 01/16/2014 Reviews

I’m promising you three scenes of Magneto violence, and also spoilers for Uncanny X-Men #16!

Uncanny X-Men #16 is the Magneto focused issue that the solicits have been trying to promise us for a while now. There’s a call back to the pro-mutant rally the X-Men tried to support and got attacked at, and as we get into Magneto’s head, we see that even being supported by humans angers him against them, as he sees it as an insult they would think of themselves as in any way on his level, to propose to stand with him on anything. It’s been a while, but remember he hates all that “we are one Earth” kumbaya crap. In his mind, there’s only one group of people who deserve the Earth at all. The first scene is imagined, but very meaningful. What they’re showing us is how Magneto used to be. The old Magneto would be the mutant attacking this rally, and having to fight the X-Men.

Magneto in Uncanny X-Men #16

I look at it this way: remember one of the only reasons Magneto has been on the X-Men for so long, is that with mutant kind on the brink of extinction, with so few numbers after “M-Day” and “Decimation,” that they were fighting for survival and survival only. They were huddled and on the defensive. Now that their kind is growing again, there’s room for Magneto to push more of an agenda and go on the offensive, which is probably also why he will have a new series soon. That’s exactly what this issue is too, the prequel/lead in to his new upcoming series. Mystique/Dazzler reminds us that Xavier’s death one way or another has had more of an impact on him than we’ve given it credit for, and also lures Erik to Madripoor to expose her deception, and formally invite him to the new mutant sanctuary she’s been building there.  She doesn’t come right out with it at the beginning though, she leaves a trail for him to follow. Along the way we get scene of violence number two. What we learn from this, is that even though Magneto might be getting a new methodology and new goals, he’ll still use the same tools and tactics. He still has teeth!

Magneto gets violent in Uncanny X-Men

Mystique, Sabretooth and the lame new Silver Samurai have been palling around plenty lately, but throw Blob and Magneto into the mix and suddenly it kind of felt like home in some strange way. It’s not a very sunny reunion for long though. They’ve been allowing mutant growth hormone to be sold on the street for kicks to help fund their endeavor, which Magneto sees as an insult to the whole mutant race. He attacks the team, crashes one of their fancy buildings, and takes off in their helicopter.

magneto gets violent attacks

What do we learn here? First of all, his powers must be operating at a pretty high level to bring down that building. Second of all, all bets are off! For the longest time Magneto has been a grey area antagonist, but especially now, the old rules of good guy and bad guy are thrown out the window. Human or mutant, “good” or “bad,” if you stand in the way of his plans for the species, you are a potential target. I guess in a way that has always been the case, but with a new series on the way, we will see what effect the past few years and Xavier’s death have had on what this Magneto seeks to accomplish.

I give this issue a thumbs up. I enjoyed the three scenes of comic book violence, and they give you a lot to think about in regards to Magneto. I’d also recommend buying it. Single issues of Uncanny are almost always satisfying on their own, and there just isn’t enough of that in comics anymore.

 My rating –  4.25 out of 5

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