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Review: Madefire’s The Heroes Club #2

David Gillette 09/18/2013 ZDONOTUSE

The Heroes Club #2 from Ben Abernathy and Ile Wolf, using Madefire‘s Motion Book tool, brings another fun, humorous episode to the all-ages crowd.

Sitting in on this review with me was my six-year-old daughter who is a ringer for one of The Heroes Club characters Charlie Chance. My first thought was whether she would remember the last episode with the short memory little kids have – she did.

Just a brief synopsis – The Heroes Club takes some of Madefire’s favorite characters including Captain Stone, Mono, The Engine, and Charlie Chance and puts them in a kids’ sized adventure at the shopping mall that becomes overrun by zombies who have been infected by the latest sports drink craze Shotzzzz.

Abernathy keeps this episode of The Heroes Club enjoyable by making the dialogue and situations funny and upbeat. That he found a nice balance in this by the second episode shows a lot of potential for the Heroes Club to become an ongoing series for all-ages.The Heroes Club

Ile Wolf’s artwork has a playful energy that keeps the story engaging and vivid for young readers. She has a knack for finding the right expression for each character while making good use of the Motion Book tool to develop the physical comedy of the story into a nice combination of slapstick and action.

While the synopsis sounds a little dark for all-ages, it’s lighthearted and funny. My little one made sure to mention that she didn’t think it was scary. She enjoyed the banter between the characters and got a kick out of the zombies.

Her favorite part was a scene with the Heroes Club barricading themselves in a video game store where the zombie shopkeeper appeared out of the backroom to try and snatch them. Abernathy and Wolf found the right balance in this episode to entertain and engage the imagination of kids.

As  a reviewer, it’s nice to take a pause from the serious and adult persona that comic books have taken on in the last 30 years. Every once in a while, it’s nice to take a look at something that speaks to the little kid in the comic book reading crowd.

The Heroes ClubThe Heroes Club #2 finds that fun for kids zone and brings back the playfulness and imagination to comic books that is only filled by a few titles. It’s always a win when you have a title that can introduce children into the comic medium that’s engaging and fun.

Luckily, I have the luxury of bouncing a title like this off my kids. I asked my daughter to help me rate this episode of The Heroes Club on a scale of 1 to 5. She said sixteen. That kind of speaks for itself about whether your children will enjoy this title.

The Heroes Club #2 is available for free on iOS with the Madefire app and available on deviantART  right here as well. Happy reading!

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