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Review: Madefire The Heroes Club #1

David Gillette 06/05/2013 ZDONOTUSE

In a market bereft of all-ages comic books, Madefire has stepped up to the plate with their newest title The Heroes Club by Ben Abernathy and Ile Wolf.

Taking some of Madefire’s core characters like Captain Stone, Mono, and Charlie Chase, Abernathy and Wolf fun size the characters for a story aimed at the young and impressionable. Since I am neither, I enlisted the aid of my six-year-old daughter to decide if The Heroes Club passed the whiff test.

It didn’t hurt that she’s a redhead like Charlie Chance, so she got into the story right off the bat. She especially liked that Charlie Chance is a vampire and likes her steak rare. Abernathy and Wolf make this story fun for the youngsters by keeping things light, but imaginative.

As a basic plot, the Heroes Club are hanging out at local food court after their favorite movie is sold out. In the food court, the latest energy drink Shotz is being demoed when the local bully and his crew hassle the Heroes Club.The Heroes Club Ben Abernathy and Ile Wolf

This makes for a fairly kid friendly story when the real trouble comes after Captain Stone and Mono are able to brush the bullies off. Then the real fun begins as Abernathy and Wolf leave readers on a bit of a ghoulish cliffhanger.

Abernathy and Wolf do a nice job keeping their target audience in mind with an easy to follow plot that offers adventure and things kids can relate to while throwing in a little surprise for more demanding kid readers. Wolf’s art is playful with the characters and really works beautifully with the motion book process.

Most of all, I love that there is a newer kids title out there that I can read with my daughter that isn’t too girly girl. It has something for everyone, and my daughter really enjoyed it. When we finished up reading it, she made a point to tell me that we should make sure to read The Heroes Club every day.

I guess that means that Abernathy and Wolf better get cracking on making more episodes of The Heroes Club. If this can be my gateway comic into getting her to check out the wider world of comics, count me in.

The Heroes Club Ben Abernathy and Ile WolfWhat’s even better is that this comic is free and available on deviantART‘s motion book section so readers who don’t have an iPad or iPhone can now get in on the action. This make this title especially helpful to parents who need to keep their kids occupied with more engaging reading on the go.

Overall, The Heroes Club is good, clean fun for readers between 5-10 years old in my estimation, but certainly not exclusive to any age group. It comes kid and parent approved by the folks here at Comic Booked so make sure to check it out with the kids. Read it here.

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  1. jeffhillwriter 06/15/2013 at 6:40 pm

    Yay for creators brave enough to put out all-ages material!

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