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Review|Killer B*****s of the Zombie Holocaust #1

Comic Booked Guest Writer 10/11/2012 Reviews

Killer B****s of the Zombie Holocaust is no ordinary comic book. It is the debut comic from UK creator and film producer Dean Mitchell. This series has been in the works for quite some time and you can check out our exclusive preview for some background info on Dean, the project, and his indie super team of artists.

The story starts in the midst of a deadly future game in which two bad, ass-kicking babes named Laura and Sarah, are fighting their way through a horde of killer zombies. The girls are sassy, sexy and having a simply great time smashing in zombie heads with their new designer boots. Shortly after a slick sequence we get to travel back and see the origin of how the girls got into “The game.” More slick dialogue and amusing banter ensues between Laura and Sarah while we get a glimpse at the people behind the staging of “The game.” Their intention is not yet revealed but I am sure all questions will be answered in future issues.

The first thing to mention about this comic is how bloody good it looks. The artwork by up and coming superstar Alberto Rodriguez is simply amazing. His attention to detail is matched only by his story telling skills and ingenious panel placements and viewing angles. It was fresh and a welcome change of pace from many other “safe” choices found in indie books. His characters are awesome and expressions are conveyed with such skill that the artwork is left to tell the story and the text can have more impact without needing unnecessary descriptive commentary boxes. The shading by Mark Beer, who appeared in our British Showcase feature last month, is also amazing. This book is predominantly grayscale with splashes of color to emphasise and enhance certain elements, mainly the blood, which is cool. I think the thing that really impressed me was the level of realism and texture the shading brought. It didn’t even register that the book was not in full color as it all looked so polished. It has a very cinematic feel and you can see Dean’s film production influence coming through.  Letters by Mindy Lopkin are well worth a mention too. The zombie sound effects are stop on and the stylized way they have been used really adds to the already great artwork. The placement of text is perfect and does not intrude on the fantastic art.

The story and writing from Dean Mitchell is both cool and polished. The artwork is left to tell much of the story and action sequences really shine. The characters are believable and the interaction between them is well thought out but above all, it’s fun. The book is very smooth and flows really well, a pleasure to read and I wanted to read it again, which is always a good sign. The story while simple on the surface has layers. There were elements of this story that reminded me of 80’s classics such as “The Running Man” where convicts are pitted in deadly battle for public amassment. I want to know more about “The Game”, the people behind it and what their intentions are. I am looking forward to finding out more as the series goes on. I know there’s a real buzz about this comic going around and as soon as there is any publishing news, we will let you know! In the mean time, you can connect with the team and project on the Facebook page.

+Adam Cheal

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