Irredeemable #36 from BOOM! Studios is about to hit the stands!  My review will be easy on spoilers and the synopsis vague, but I can’t make the same promise for the preview images below it!

Number thirty-six is the penultimate issue of Irredeemable, and while it’s sad to know that the story is about to end, I’m also confidant that Mark Waid will write a satisfying conclusion.  With only one final issue to go after this, you better believe the book is full of payoffs from plot threads that began earlier in the series.  The machinations of Modeus are coming to a head, along with Qubit’s final gambit, Gil’s quest for the Seeds of Life, and the ultimate results of the Plutonian’s rampage.  Irredeemable is full of battles this month, with fighting already taking place by the second page.  Both major battles are complicated by one sort of romantic entanglement or another.  Modeus, in the body of Bette Noir, has finally gotten the chance to “get her girl on” with the Plutonian, as you may remember was teased in a beautiful splash page at the end of last issue.  The panel itself is relatively safe for work, but it doesn’t take much reading between the lines to know what happened.  The raunchy and brilliant absurdity of the situation is balanced by a much more tender climax later in the book, with Kaiden sneaking in one of the most bittersweet but easiest to read over lines in the series.  Artist Diego Barreto does a stellar job of portraying Modeus’s ecstasy, but the scene can’t last for long because Qubit has finally tracked him down, and arrived armed with his weaponized teleportation technology.

IrredeemableThis brings us to the other big battle of the issue.  I won’t tell you exactly how it goes down yet, but I will say that it makes for some really neat crackling and glowing energy effects, and continues to highlight how much an individual can do with their powers when they put their mind to it.  The finale of the issue has you questioning if the Plutonian is the only potentially irredeemable character in the series, and also shows you how great super action can take place even in this most disturbing of worlds.  The scenes near the end are stunningly sci-fi, and even though the last letters Ed Dukeshire contributes are “to be concluded” (as opposed to “to be continued”) I’m still too excited for the next issue to be sad that it’s the last.  Before I wrap this up I want to make sure to credit the colorist on the book and on one of the covers-Nolan Woodard, editors Matt Gagnon and Shannon Watters, cover artists Matteo Scalera and Damian Couceiro, and cover colorist Darrin Moore.  Make sure to come back to for my final Irredeemable review and series retrospectives on both this and its companion book Incorruptible, and if you really want to be ahead of the curve start googling “accretion disc theory” now!




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