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Review: Infestation: Tranformers #2

Skott Jimenez 02/21/2011 DO NOT USE

Written by: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Art by: Nick Roche
Published by: IDW
Cover Price: $3.99

Infestation: Transformers Continues!

When we left our favorite Robots in Disguise they were fighting the infectious plague from the Zombies Vs. Robots Universe. This issue begins with a quick recap of what exactly is going on. The Undermind, the source of the zombie plague, wants to continue to grow and feed. To do this, it’s decided to go out into other universes and absorb all it can.
While it’s nice to get a recap, having a 4 page recap of a book that’s only two issues and a book where the first issue came out only two weeks ago seemed a little pointless. But, the pictures are cool.

Moving on to the story… After escaping the influence of the Undermind for a short time, thanks to Kup attacking Britt, the vampire/zombie hybrid that’s the window into all these realities. Quite a feat for the old timer since she had her hand through his chest.
So, they get their minds back and retreat in order to plan an attack to stop this plague from spreading out of Las Vegas. Prime wants to contain and try to help the infected while Galvatron realizes there is no way to save the infected, not that he cares, and wants to just destroy all of them. Galvatron’s first attempt proves that zombies and zombie robots can take a LOT of punishment but they get enough time to retreat further and lose Kup in the process.

While plans are being formulated Britt drains Kup of his memories and experiences and builds a transportation gate in order to go to the one place that holds the most advanced technology in the universe: Cybertron! To make things worse, her specific point on entry is someplace in Cybertron’s history, before the Great War when Cybertron was teeming with life and energy. This would, of course, destroy everything that the Transfomers are today!

A last ditch effort sees Prowl tap into Kup’s mind, using a kind of fail safe he had implanted when Kup was rebuilt years ago (ref: Tranformers Spotlight: Kup) to get Kup to change the destination of Britt and the Undermind. The plan was to send them to the Dead Universe, a place where there is no life to feed off! In a scene that should have been played up more, Kup sacrifices himself to ensure the plague does no more harm in this universe.

Farewell, Kup.

So, knowing this story is being told in two-issue archs, I understand that it’s going to have something of a rushed feel to it but this issue could have been a little better had they not wasted 4 pages on  recapping what happened 2 weeks ago. The inside front cover is perfect for recaps of nearly any size.
Also, the Transformers were just to good at stopping the Plague. They stopped it from spreading beyond Las Vegas really fast and that was also something of a let down. I would have liked to have seen Transformers Vs. Zombies in some depth.
Beyond that, it was a fast-paced, action filled issue that really showed how much fun Transformers can be if the art is done right (I collected IDW’s Transformers comics until the current ongoing started because the art is horrible in my opinion. It’s to live action movie and not enough Generation One…for a Generation One series.)
Overall, this was a decent issue but it could have been a better wrap up. I probably had my hopes set way to high for this considering who was writing it.

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