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Review: Infestation: Star Trek #2

Skott Jimenez 02/25/2011 ZDONOTUSE

Written by: Scott and David Tipton
Art by: Gary Erskine
Published by: IDW
Cover Price: $3.99

The Infestation Continues!
Stranded alone on a planet over run by the walking dead (different kind, no Rick Grimes here), no supplies and days away from rescue, Kirk, Spock and Bones try their best to both figure out what’s going on AND find a way to cure the people who have been infected.

Cover A: This cover ROCKS!

In the last issue, our heroic trio located a source of power that may be tied into what happened here. The source, which also provides temporary safety, is where everything began. They find a robot, Thirty-Seven, who explains what went down:
It’s creator was a man named Robert Durant Williams who wanted to make robots human enough that people wouldn’t feel uncomfortable around them. He tried for years and failed every time.
Until Britt arrived. With her help he was able to make some progress but it was all a ruse to allow The Undermind take over this universe. She brings the Hunger with her and it takes over this planet.
Thirty-Seven then takes Kirk and crew to see Williams, who they put in a cell to keep him safe and protect him. Part of their programming. With this and access to Williams’ tech, Bones begins to formulate a way to reverse and, hopefully cure, the infection.
You know if anyone could come up with a cure…It’s Dr. McCoy. After a successful test on Williams, they set out to cure the whole planet when Britt shows up to stop them. It marks one of the few times Kirk DOESN’T try to seduce a woman. Of course this one would kill him so that might have something to do with it.

Cover B: Set on stun!

So, Britt is defeated in this universe as well and the virus is cured…partially. At best, the virus is now dormant in the people infected. The search is on for a more permanent cure but The Undermind has lost another universe to try to take over.

Overall, and I’m surprised to admit this, but if I’m being fair about this I’d have to say this story was much better than the Transformers one. Maybe it has to do with being more used to zombies infecting humans than Robots in Disguise but this was easier to get into and had a much better flow to it.
Perhaps the problem with the Transformers story was it felt as though the concept of the Hunger being able to infect robots wasn’t really focused on and the story seemed very rushed and forced. It probably could have been a single issue.
Star Trek, however, was a very engaging story. While I’m not a fan of the original series, I’m familiar enough with it to the point that as I read this I could actually hear the characters voices in my head. It was kind of cool art-wise, this was very fun to look at. From the spot on mannerisms of Kirk leaning on a monitor or just sitting in a chair, it was like watching a ‘very special episode’ of the show.

As the first half of Infestation comes to an end, The Undermind has failed to fully infect two universes but has left an impression on both. Star Trek was a surprisingly good read while Transformers left something to desire.

Now on to the second half of this event beginning next week with Infestation: G.I. Joe!

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