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Review: Infestation: Ghostbusters #1

Skott Jimenez 03/12/2011 Reviews

Written by: Erik Burnham
Art by: Kyle Hotz
Published by: IDW
Cover price: $3.99

The deadly Infestation continues to tear though the multi-verse! This time it’s New York City where the Ghostbusters operate.

So, how do the Ghostbusters fit into all this? Well, much like the previous books, the Undermind has been able to sendpart of itself as well as part of Britt to herald it’s take over.

Infestation: Ghostbusters #1 Cover A

Right off the bat we have a zombie. It walked in front of a car and got re-killed… sort of. It bites the driver and we are off!

We catch up with the ‘Busters as they are doing what they do best. We find out they have been having trouble with their Containment Unit and that some spooks had managed to escape, including a certain Marshmallow Man, and they are working hard to recapture them as well as new spooks. After taking care of one, they are confronted with our Zombie. Egon, being the thinker, is the first to notice the man isn’t exactly right. As Egon say “This man has almost no soul left.”
Ray watches as the last of the man’s soul leaves (he has goggles for everything!) and it’s Zombie Vs. Ghostbusters!

When all is said and done we find out that zombies react a little differently to Photon Beams than ghosts do. It’s very messy. The mess also infects a cat and turns it into a very ugly, and angry, monster.

This is why we don't cross the streams...with zombies!

Then it’s back to business as usual as Egon believes the ‘zombie’ stuff can be forgotten for the time being. It’s soon apparent that he is wrong. Calls start coming in about zombies.

It’s when one wanders into their headquarters that things get really interesting. For example, we learn what happens when a poltergeist enters a zombie. Egon also learns a way to neutralize the zombie goo from infecting anyone.

Overall, this was probably the one book of the Infestation events that I honestly had no expectations of. Mostly because, while I love the Ghostbusters movies, I have never read the comics. I was pleased that writer Erik Burnham worked in what has been going on with these guys without it being to heavy handed or in your face. Also, while the humor of the movies is still here, these guys are much more serious; and in Egon’s case, almost scary in how he reacts to the whole zombie thing. I’ll say this: This book has gotten me interested in what IDW has been doing with Ghostbusters and I’ll most likely be hunting down trades.

Infestation: Ghostbusters #1 Cover B

Then there is the art. While I had no expectations for the story, I had very, VERY high expectations for the art. I absolutely LOVE the art of Kyle Hotz! From his work with Malibu/Marvel’s Rune series to his Evil Ernie books from Chaos! Comics to his work for Marvel proper like The Hood, a miniseries I picked up solely on that fact Hotz was drawing it and Zombie, based on the original Marvel Zombie, Simon Grath and numerous titles along the way, his art has always pleased me. It’s always solid and fluid at the same time. The expressions are great and, well, let’s just say I could go on for a very long time about his art. I knew that even if the writing wasn’t what I liked I would still be able to read it because of Hotz. (I think the first time I saw his art was back in the 1990’s in the Marvel series Ghost Rider 2099)
I’m very pleased to say, he did not let me down! I would love to see him do some Zombies Vs Robots stuff, it would add to the breathtaking stuff Ashley Wood has done in the past (another artist I could rave about for hours) and, if anyone at IDW is listening…I know I’m just some guy talking about comics but I would LOVE to see a Kyle Hotz Godzilla cover or, better yet, poster!

Infestation: Ghostbusters #1 is the second surprise hit for this event, for me (the first was Star Trek for those keeping score at home) and has added a whole lot of fun to an already entertaining event. My hats off to Chris Ryall, IDW Editor-In-Chief and Publisher in putting out one of the most entertaining and unique events ever. I simply cannot wait to see how this wraps up!

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  1. Nick Furious 03/13/2011 at 11:58 pm

    Tell me Marshmallow man becomes a zombie!!!

    • Skott of Fables 03/14/2011 at 12:40 am

      I can't. He just appeared on the last page.

      But…if the first issue is any indicator about how ghosts and zombies interact…it will be bad for the zombies and, most likely, bad for Stay Puft.

      Gotta wait until next week to find out!

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