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Review: Infestation: G.I. Joe #2

Skott Jimenez 03/20/2011 ZDONOTUSE

INFESTATION: G.I. Joe #1 (of 2)
Written by: Mike Raicht
Art by: Giovanni Timpano
Published by: IDW
Cover price: $3.99

Quick refresher on what's going on...

The Baroness tries to survive the Infestation of a Top Secret Cobra Base!

As the Undermind takes over every bit of tech in the Cobra base, The Baroness and what’s left of her troops as well as the Joe Psych-Out try to figure out a way out of there AND a way to stop the infection from spreading.
It’s quickly realized that the Undermind, in this world, thinks more like a computer and figures it’s targets based on the threat level. Cobra Vipers are more of a threat than a scientist. With this knowledge, they split up: Baroness and her Vipers will draw the fire while trying to find a way off while Psych-Out and the last remaining Cobra scientist try to disconnect the arm from the Cobra computers and also try to save Dr. Zych.

Farewell To Arms (From Infestation: G.I. Joe #1)

Baroness quickly realizes that she has no loyalties with the Joe or her men. But still fights on.

Psych-Out and the scientist locate the arm and Dr. Zych. They are now one, Zych having given in to the Undermind in return for the ability to walk again. It takes a lot to remove the arm and stop the Undermind in this universe. The total cost in this instance is one Cobra scientist and one Joe member.

So, overall, this is a high paced issue, a real cat and mouse chase book that rarely slowed down and shows The Baroness in a very cold light. She is loyal to Cobra but more loyal to herself. One thing that needs to be pointed out here, though, is there are no traditional zombies in this book. The closest we can say we have here are the Bats being ‘possessed’ by the Undermind. This is more Robots Vs. Cobra than anything to do with zombies. In that, I have to admit, I’m disappointed. I was so hoping to see how the Joes and Cobra would react to such a thing.

So, that wraps up another part of this universe spanning events. The Joe Psych-Out was able to destroy the Undermind’s host body in this universe by sacrificing himself and The Baroness was able to get away with her life…and one Viper. The question is: How will this impact, if at all, the future of this universe? There is still tech and, I would assume, some of the Undermind’s influence in that Cobra Base. Why I mention this is with the recent murder of Cobra Commander…what are the chances that Cobra will try to use what’s left in that Base to either bring the Commander back or create a new leader? I’m most likely grabbing at straws here but it would be nice to have some lasting influence from this story in at least one of these universes.

Well, gang, that wraps up this leg of the Infestation. Next up: Ghostbusters #2 then the big wrap up!

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  1. Nick Furious 03/21/2011 at 10:38 pm

    Go Joe! I am predicting that Cobra and Joe work together to stop the zombies

    • Skott of Fables 03/22/2011 at 3:47 pm

      Fact is this should have been called Infestation: Cobra. There was mainly ONE Joe in the whole thing. It was Undermind trying to take over a Cobra base and The Baroness trying to stop it and survive.

      Not bad though!

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