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Review: Infestation 2: G.I. Joe #2

Skott Jimenez 03/31/2012 Reviews

Infestation rolls on and if fast approaching the big finale! But before we reach the ending, we have to wrap up the G.J. Joe portion of this massive event!

From the creative team of Mike Raicht and Valentine De Landro, who also provided a gorgeous Snake Eyes cover, comes a very dangerous cat and mouse book where, for once, Cobra becomes the heroes of sort.

After the opening of the doorway and allowing the Elder Gods to begin to Infest this reality, it comes down to Storm Shadow, Crystal Ball and Interrogator along with some of the more insane members of Cobra to stop them from spreading their madness across the globe and they have their work cut out for them! While they try to close the door and stop the Madness from spreading, the Joes are trying to dig their way into the Pit to see what happened. If they make their way through before the door is stopped there will be no way to stop the spread!

Overall, I’d have to say that, so far, this and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issues have had the feeling of dread that thisInfestation 2, GI Joe, IDW story needs to be done seriously. These characters know the stakes are high and they may not survive, indeed some of them don’t, and even Storm Shadow seems to understand that death is a very certain possibly here. Raicht handles this dread very well while De Landro’s art ties with that of Mark Torres on TMNT as my favorite art so far. Much like Torres, De Landro taps into the EC vein to make this books gloomy and dark truly setting the proper tone for what we have going on. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional but I’m an EC fan and love to see stuff that is up to that standard in horror comics.

So, beyond the fantastic storytelling and art in this 2-parter, we also get a rather interesting open ending. Crystal Ball knew what was coming and wasn’t exactly opposed to the Elder Gods coming in and making a mess of things. His only real objection was that he wasn’t the one doing it and it wasn’t being done correctly. Does this mean the Joe’s reality isn’t done with the Elder Gods? That would be an interesting way to continue this, in my opinion, as there is reference to Cobra Commander wanting to find some supernatural way to conquer the world and destroy the Joes once and for all.

Closing out another chapter in this event, I’d have to say this was another pleasant surprise and that the second issue didn’t feel rushed or forced in any way!

Next Week: 30 Days Of Night!

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