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Review: Infestation 2 #2

Skott Jimenez 04/13/2012 Reviews

Well, this is it! The big finale!

INFESTATION 2 #2 (of 2)
Written by: Duane Swierczynski
Art by: David Messina
Cover price: $3.99

We’ve come a long way. There have been some stumbles along the way but this is where it all ends up. Having its beginnings in January, Infestation 2 started with The Elder Gods beginning to escape their prison and entering the World of IDW. It took all the CVO (Covert Vampiric Operations) to protect the world from this new evil and they weren’t doing very well. The Elder Gods had managed to find a power source to strengthen their hold, which happened to be the heart of CVO Field Leader Cross, as they searched for a wedge to pry their prison door open even more.

Along the way, they managed to infest the worlds of Transformers: Hearts Of Steel only to be defeated by Optimus Prime. Infestation 2They tried to get a foot hold in the world of Dungeons & Dragons but were outwitted by the very man who made their entrance into that world possible. One world found the sewers of New York City turned into a battle fields as the Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles faced off against an evil they were unfamiliar with but were still able to crush it. The world of America’s Daring, Highly Trained Special Mission Force found unlikely heroes as G.I. Joe enemy Cobra fought the battle to stop The Elder Gods and save their universe. Finally, 60 years in the past, in the land of 30 Days Of Night, the hunters became the hunted as ancient vampires fought desperately to retain their place on the top of the food chain.

While those realms and worlds fought, and defeated, the attempts of the Elder Gods to take over their realities, the source in the IDW-verse still has to be dealt with.

When this issue first opens we see something we haven’t seen yet in these events: a Danger Girl! Now, I’ve never really read a Danger Girl comic, though I do own the very first issue they ever put out I don’t even really remember what it was about other than a group of women with guns who kick all kinds of butt! So, we have one of the Danger Girls, Abbey Chase, hired to get something out of a painting and ends up allowing The Elder Gods to enter her reality. While this is going on, the CVO is tirelessly trying to find a solution to this situation that could end all realities forever.

Now, the problem with major events like this is while the beginning and some of the middle of them are fantastic, the endings always feel a little light. I expected this as the release of this issue approached so I wasn’t disappointed as much as I was during certain events taking place in the Marvel Universe *cough*Fear Itself*cough*. Now, the ending here isn’t world shattering, it hits home much more directly for the CVO because they have to kill their leader, Cross. An artifact called the Artillica is basically his heart and that is the power source the Elder Gods are using to break free. In order to stop them they need to use his heart along with the tumor removed from Lovecraft’s intestines. So, while the world at large will only know that the monsters suddenly went away, the CVO has to live with the decision that costs Cross his heart.

So, as we close the book on Infestation 2 and begin to look forward to the next year’s worth of books from IDW leading up to next year’s Infestation 3. Looking back on this one I have to say it was much better than the first Infestation, which is saying a lot because I love zombies but I can admit that with this one IDW seemed to have a better idea on how to execute the story. It had everything that made the first one work and added more cool stuff like the Mark Torres/Tristan Jones Ninja Turtles story, my personal favorite part of this story.
The whole event, though, was highly entertaining and well worth the cost. Anyone interested in this story should look for the upcoming trades that start coming out in June.

Overall? This was a highly entertaining story with some very well written and drawn books, worthy of anyone’s collection!

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