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Review – Hellboy Double Feature of Evil

Jordamus Prime 12/09/2010 Reviews

For years fans have embraced Mike Mignola’s ‘Hellboy’ as one of the best comics around. Telling the story of a demonic paranormal investigator who is torn between the world he belongs to and the world that accepts him, the series and its spin-offs have always been consistently quirky, offbeat and way more fun than most books have any right to be. Although it may seem unnecessary, sometimes you have to sit down and ask yourself “What could they possibly do to make ‘Hellboy’ comics better?” How about one comic featuring two separate Hellboy stories? That’s just what Mike Mignola and Dark Horse Comics must have been thinking when they released ‘Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil’ this past October. So does this double feature concept really work? Or does twice as much Hellboy in one book stretch things too thin and make the book lose some of its magic?
Mignola partners up with artist Richard Corben (most famous for having done the artwork for Meatloaf’s ‘Bat out of Hell’ album), whom he recently teamed up with on the ‘Hellboy/Beasts of Burden’ crossover one-shot. Just like with their last team up, the two of them pair together excellently; crafting an excellent book for fans of the right hand of doom. Corben’s artwork really compliments the Hellboy universe that Mignola has crafted over the years, making the two of them one of better creative teams currently working in comics. It’s kind of disheartening knowing that they are currently only working on a couple of one-shots as compared to an ongoing together.

Without giving too much away about the actual stories in this review, I can say that they are both fairly brief, yet fairly entertaining. Mignola isn’t a writer known for letting his fans down, so it isn’t unexpected when he fails to disappoint with these short stories. The first story feels like most of Mignola’s classic works; bearing his trademarked imaginative sense of the morbid and the macabre.

The second story, unfortunately, almost feels like an afterthought. It almost comes off as too short; not giving enough time to really take in the whole story before it’s already said and done with. It seems like there was a lot more that could have been done with the plotline that Mignola came up with for it, but instead it was wasted on a brief punchline on the final page.

Hellboy Double Feature of Evil Cover 2

Hellboy Double Feature of Evil Cover 2

This book is definitely worth picking up, even if you’re only mildly a fan of the Hellboy universe. It offers a peer into Hellboy’s day to day life outside of the B.P.R.D. and his usual soul searching. Even if you don’t read the monthly Hellboy title, this book can give you a brief taste of what to expect in his regular ongoing series. It  is in stores now, make sure to stop by your local comic shop and pick up your copy today!

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