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Review: Green Lantern #10

Comic Booked Guest Writer 06/20/2012 Reviews

What, exactly, goes on in the mind of Geoff Johns? I’ve been following his resurrection of Green Lantern from Rebirth onward, and after reading this month’s issue #10, I still can’t seem to figure out where he is taking Hal Jordan. Don’t get me wrong – I love Johns’ take on GL; in fact, his version is my favorite. To say I trust the man would be an excruciating understatement. What I’m saying is that every issue of the New 52 Green Lantern has been one curve ball after another – a winding road of surprises that still hasn’t seemed to calm down and take a breather.

And I really need a breather after this latest issue!

Spoiler Warning: If you have not read this issue yet, stop reading this review NOW as I will be going into detail concerning all the goings-on in this issue, which may or may not  include a surprise ending. You’ve been warned!

Badass Sinestro

Green Lantern #10, which hit stands June 13th, concludes the “Secret of the Indigo Tribe” arc that has been going the last few issues, weaving the Indigo Lanterns into the legend of Abin Sur. We’ve now learned that the Indigo Tribe began when Abin Sur discovered the indigo light and forged an indigo battery with the aide of the dwarf-like Natromo. Abin Sur then used the battery to change various psychopaths from various worlds into compassionate members of the Indigo Tribe, ultimately hoping that the light of compassion could change and subdue the maniacal Guardians of the Universe, whom Abin Sur knew would one day betray the Corps. The “Secret” concludes with Hal and Sinestro on the run from a mob of  once-compassionate Indigo Lanterns who have returned to their psychopathic ways since their indigo power battery has been shattered. Black Hand, released from the brainwashing power of the indigo light, realizes he has lost his beloved black ring and is also on the run, searching for a way off of this prison planet.

There is a genuinely intense atmosphere emanating throughout this whole issue – Hal and Sinestro’s rings are drained, Black Hand is on the loose, and the bloodthirsty mob of Indigo Lanterns want nothing but to rend Hal and Sinestro limb from limb. This intensity makes for some of the most memorable Hal Jordan-Sinestro banter, which adds so much to their already odd – and entertainingly strained – relationship. When Sinestro goes off on a tirade, Hal reels him back in, retorting, “Come on tough guy. You can mouth off about how badass you are after we’ve got these freaks under their indigo spell.” And when Hal and Natromo decide to try to put the broken indigo power battery back together, Sinestro decides to go hold off the mob of pyschopaths with nothing but his fists, telling Hal, “It’s what you would do.” On the very next page, Sinestro is shown mercilessly beating off psychopaths without the aide of his power ring, quipping, “It’s been a while since I’ve had a real fight.” Talk about cool!

The Resurrection of William Hand

That being said, I’d have to concede that the coolest moments in Green Lantern issue #10 involve Black Hand, including a ridiculous reveal that only Geoff Johns could come up with.

After a surprising – and touching – moment in which Indigo Lantern Iroque re-ignites the indigo power battery, we cut to find Black Hand running through the dense jungle of the Indigo prison planet. Turning to find his Indigo ring running him down, rather than be re-taken by the Indigo light, Black Hand decides to throw himself off a cliff to his death. His insane plan works, and the Indigo ring goes off searching for a replacement Indigo Lantern of Sector 2814. Hand’s brash decision to end his life is so split-second, and so insane, it will literally take your breath away. And I never got a chance to get that breath back, because a couple of pages later, at the very end of the issue, a black ring worms its way up through Black Hand’s breathless mouth and resurrects him with the shudder inducing beckon-call, “William Hand of Earth. Rise.”
Whatever Geoff Johns has planned next for Hal Jordan and Sinestro in the pages of Green Lantern, one thing is for sure:

It’s going to be awesome.

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    Awesome review. I'm going back through and picking up a ton of digital Green Lantern comics, and it's cool to read up on 'em first. Cheers!

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