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Review: Green Arrow #15

Jacob Thomas 12/13/2012 Reviews

In Green Arrow #14, Oliver Queen returned from China after attempting to save his company, only to come home to join Hawkman in a battle in the skies. He saved the girl and now, in Green Arrow #15, he attempts to attend to his own life – or can he? Oliver Queen now finds himself battling not villains but himself. In the cross-over with Hawkman #14, Oliver was struck in the back of the head in a battle with a small group of Warhawks. Oliver begins to feel the ramifications of the blow to the back of the head in #15 during his battle with local fishermen smuggling weapons for who we find out to be Harrow and his partner-in-crime, Pike. Harrow is a small-time looking villain in his introduction within the pages of #15. Visually, Pike seems to be more of a small crony of Harrow’s – very soft-spoken but with a tough guy attitude.

Later on, we see a stressed Ollie begin to feel the ramifications of his head injury and he collapses. A heart-felt moment is seen here between a random child and Oliver as the child helps him back onto his feet, only calling him Green Arrow. Seems though he has made the positive change in Starling City he had fought for.

In the previews that came out before #15, Green Arrow mentioned that he won’t kill dogs and that Harrow should call them off from him. Being the villain that Harrow is, he doesn’t comply with Oliver’s wishes and the dog is sicked upon him causing him to react and throw the large animal into the water. This little preview may have set too much of a foreshadowing event for #15 as that is exactly what we get here:  an illegal dog-fighting ring. However, our minds get pulled back out a little bit to reveal something way out of the norm when we visualize an illegal dog-fighting ring. During the set-up of the fight, all bets are being called on “Jaws” – Harrow’s “top-dog”. A sudden call is made – Pike will be fighting Jaws and not that of another dog. (Possibly a clue that DC wanted to stay away from having a legal situation on their hands?) Even more of a clue – perhaps too big of a clue – that Oliver will be putting an end to the dog-fighting ring is the over-used “Green Arrow Green Box” dialogue.

The end of #15 leads into as a big clue that it will be a 2-issue to multiple issue arc.

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Ann Nocenti

Freddie Williams II
Rob Hunter

Cover Art:
Aaron Lopresti

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  1. jeffhillwriter 12/13/2012 at 10:40 pm

    Ann Nocenti needs to stop writing characters I like. First Catwoman then Green Arrow… Two series that I buy monthly but am depressed more and more every time I do so. Glad someone likes her!

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