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REVIEW: Godzilla #1

Skott Jimenez 05/25/2012 Reviews

The legendary “King Of The Monsters” makes his return to comics once again courtesy of IDW Publishing!

Writer Duane Swierczynski and artist Simon Gane handle the big guy very well. Very, very well but more on that later..

This story picks up some time after the final issue of Godzilla: Kingdom Of Monsters (KoM). The world has been rebuilding after the mass attacks of the monsters, but a day of worldwide happiness is soon turned to worldwide fear as the monsters return!

This is just the beginning of this issue that, much to my surprise, blows the previous series out of the water (and I REALLYGodzilla enjoyed Kingdom Of Monsters) but that’s not all we get. By way of these beasts attacking, we get to meet some of the new human cast in a way that doesn’t feel forced, it just flows with the introduction of the monsters and works perfectly!

From Mexico City, where Irving “Urv” Jassim is leaving a life of violence to be with the man of his dreams to Washington, D.C. where former soldier turned bodyguard Boxer tries to save the girl he’s paid to protect, we quickly learn that these are meant who do want to be better people but, sadly, this is a world where sometimes you have to be the worst humanity has to offer in order to be the best. These first two main characters are given full backgrounds in a very precise and simple way. We even learn that this isn’t the first time Godzilla has impacted Boxer’s life. Poor guy.

As for the monsters, well, they are here in all their glory but they are not the focus of the story, rather they are a function of the story. This means that Swierczynski has a firm grip on the material. He’s taken everything that made KoM work and turned it all up to 11, making this the beginning of what I hope will be a long and glorious run for Godzilla!
That isn’t to say that I don’t want him to focus on the monsters, I’d be interested to know more about where they come from, where they’ve been and what, if anything, is driving them. While this would be interesting, it’s also great to have fully formed human characters to push the narrative forward some.

Godzilla On the art side… Simon Gane, I’m sure he’ll never get to read this (though I’ve been surprised who reads my reviews) but I want to thank him, from the bottom of my Godzilla-loving heart, for the art he’s doing on this book. Everything from the pacing of the action, the flashbacks and the details on the monsters made my 10 year old self jealous that he didn’t get to have this Godzilla comic growing up. That double page spread of Godzilla stopped me in my tracks. I stared at it fora bout 10 minutes before I realized there was still plenty more comic to read. Even as I type this review I’m looking at it. Also, a big thank you for being consistent in how Godzilla looks. He actually uses my favorite Godzilla design and I hope he continues to do so!

So, given how much I loved KoM from beginning to end, even the less than entertaining issues had moments I loved, I have to say that I love this even more! It’s a perfect package and truly THE Godzilla comic book we fans have been waiting for! the only downside? Having to wait a month for Godzilla #2!


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