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Review- Fly #5

James Victor Von Halstead 11/03/2011 DO NOT USE

What would you do for the ultimate high? That is the question posed by Zenescope‘s latest series, Fly, a compelling look at addiction and power. The drug in the story grants the user temporary powers, in this case the power of flight. Issue five just hit the newsstands (Comics used to be sold there, remember?) and it was a bitter ending for some. Written by Raven Gregory with artwork by Eric J, the five-part series comes to an end.


We find Eddie homeless, eating at a soup kitchen. A worker there, Mary, has grown quite fond of him and the FLY Paneltwo hit it off almost from the start. After much flirting the two go back to her place (well he can’t really take her to a cardboard box) and have a passionate night. There night is soon interrupted as Mary is attacked and thrown out the window, and dangles from the fire escape.. After saving her, Eddie fins a phone and on the other end hears a familiar voice. She talks for a length of time and Eddie finally says it’s over, she wins. He’ll give her what she wants. He has to meet her at her old house.

He travels cross-country back to the house where everything started. We get a nice flashback scene of a young Eddie and his girlfriend Danielle. They are upset because Danielle is being forced to move away; her dad is trying to find her so she is moving with her aunt. The two decide to have FLY #5 second panelone last night together and Eddie takes her to a secret place. They go to their friend Francis’ house. He has a secret that only him and Eddie know about. A secret drug. This drug gives the user the ultimate high, literally: they gain the ability to fly. Danielle is taken aback by this at first, but decides to go ahead and try it . The two spend a beautiful moment together, high above the world. Of course not everyone thought it was beautiful, some were angry.

Back in the present, Eddie waits patiently for the caller to arrive. Of course it is Danielle, now older, life not having been the kindest to her. She just wants the fly, nothing else. Her feelings for Eddie have been poisoned ever since her first flight. Eddie warns her to get help but she doesn’t listen. Francis whipped up a special formula of fly that is guaranteed to never run out. Danielle is to eager to try it, but will this be enough for her? Can anything really be enough once you become an addict?

An interesting premise indeed, the story tackles what it’s like to fall to addiction and what you’re willing to do to get your fix. Danielle is not a horrible person by nature, but once you’ve poisoned yourself, you have to keep getting that poison, anyway possible. Eddie equally is not a horrible person, he just happened to introduce a horrible substance to his girlfriend. The parallels to drug addiction are quite blatant, and for the most part are handled quite well. Sure, not many homeless people get to hook up with the soup kitchen lady, but I guess it helps when you are handsome and have a scruffy beard.

The writing is very good, with the dialogue being pretty solid and believable. Not a lot of action takes place however, as it’s heavily focused on the story. The artwork is really good as well. The characters look great and each panel is filled with detail. It ends with a teaser about a second series coming next year, so the story will continue, and the direction they take could be quite interesting. The issue is available now and if you’ve been following the series it is worth picking up, and for those looking for something different, with more weight to it, it’s worth picking up.

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