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Review: Fables #102

Skott Jimenez 02/17/2011 ZDONOTUSE

Written by: Bill Willingham
Art by: Mark Buckingham
Published by: Vertigo
Cover price: $2.99

Super Team, Part 1: We pick things up six months after the events of Fables #100. Mister Dark is still at large and the Fables are trying to find a way to defeat him once and for all. After fleeing Fabletown, then the Farm, our heroes are now in the Homeland known as Haven, ruled by Flycatcher, the Frog Prince.

Fly sets out to collect Bigby who is on a mission for King Cole. Whatever his mission was it isn’t as important as defeating Mister Dark.

Fables #102: Super Team Begins!

As they return to Haven we see Ozma in the process of recruiting the proper people for a group of Fables who will face off against, and hopefully kill, Mister Dark. Fly tries to explain what’s going on while taking Bigby to the border of Haven but is interrupted by Pinocchio who is now in a wheelchair…not because he HAS to be but because leaders of teams like the ones they are putting together always have leaders who are in wheelchairs and who are usually professors or doctors of some sort.
Bigby is still confused.

After making their way to the border, Fly explains that it’s taking more and more of his power to keep Mister Dark out of Haven. He knows it will not be much longer before the barrier fails and Mister Dark destroys them all. He explains that there is really no where else to run and this is where the Fables must make their final stand.

In some other corners of the Fables Universe we find Beauty and Beast conversing about the recent failure to fully contain Mister Dark. Beauty is upset that they started to celebrate Dark’s defeat before it was solidified, even comparing it to the Donner Party who celebrated finding a mountain pass for two days before going through it and ended up snowed in. I have to wonder if her fear of Mister Dark will feed into the upcoming rematch.

Back in New York City, now referred to as The City of Darkland, the former Nurse Spratt is losing weight. She’s still a mean, cold-hearted witch of a woman but she’s getting even more comfortable with her new position at the side of Mister Dark. I have the feeling she will hold the key to the Fables’ victory or defeat.

The bigger sub-plot centers on the father of Bigby: The North Wind. He finds himself conflicted over the recent discovery that one of his grandchildren is a zephyr.
The child in question is never seen as he is little more than a breeze. Bigby and Snow named him Ghost and went to great lengths to keep his existence a secret from everyone, especially North Wind.
North Wind is conflicted because it seems he vowed, some time ago, to kill any and all zephyrs as they all seem to be vicious killers which is referred to here by way of a child massacre in a place called Foggytown.
We know North Wind and Bigby will face off in Fables #105 but to see the set up makes this all the more exciting. When these to face off it’s not going to be pretty.

As always, Fables as a lot of things going on and, as always, it’s all catered to in even and necessary amounts. Willingham continues to demonstrate his ability to tell a main story while putting in all you need to see a set up for what’s to come. The fight against Mister Dark is far from over and promises to be less than clean and very exciting.
The writing on this book has been consistently great since the first issue.

Art wise, what can I say? Mark Buckingham pencils inked by Steve Leialoha. That should be enough to tell you it looks fantastic which has become a hallmark for this book as well.

Super Team promises to be something new and unique in a series that has made new and unique an everyday thing without getting old and boring.

98 issues to go before Fables #200!

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