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Review: Epic Kill #1

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Image Comics has launched a new mini series called Epic Kill, but does the title live up to its name?  Read our review and find out!  Issue one sets up many questions that should be answered by the end of the five part mini series, so there’s not too much motivation to hold back on the spoilers yet.  There are a few other promises that I can make to you too.  This book will be totally NSFW, Image doesn’t tend to censor or hold anyone back, especially when a creative mind tells a tale that takes a trip down the dark side.  It’s open season on swear words and other more “colorful metaphors,” characters will wear as little or as much clothing as is necessary to tell the story, and oh yes, there will be blood!  Epic Kill actually hasn’t overindulged in those areas too much as of yet, even compared to say Catwoman or Rebel Blood, but it’s only issue one so keep your eyes open.  The first panels of the book are set in a cemetery, which seems very appropriate given the title.  Expect many more people to end up in one by the finale.  Our main character Song has put many people there we assume, and one of their kin has become particularly vengeful.

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We first meet Song in the St. Thomas School For Troubled Girls.  She’s a new resident of the psych ward, and maybe she belongs in it.  She continually hallucinates throughout the book, but what she sees almost suggests a form of hyper-sanity.  She has no memory of recent events, but as she tries to clear her head we are slowly introduced to her in flashbacks.  A few of the usual tropes are used to show us just what tough stuff she is.  She demonstrates her reflexes by catching a falling tea cup without letting a drop spill, and we’re made to understand that she isn’t really a prisoner there, and will break out with ease as soon as she has her bearings.  Her escape plans are rushed of course when an unscrupulous guard attempts to take sexual advantage of the seemingly defenseless young girl, and here is where the real action begins!  She lethally dispatches him with her bare hands, and the chase is on.  The second she’s escaped the hired guns are on her trail, and we see her slowing down time and dodging bullets Matrix style, punching straight through a man’s chest into his ribcage, and using her own appendage’s like swords to slit throats.  The final scenes employ the badass biker motif, and we find out that none other than The President of the United States is counted amongst Song’s enemies, and that he’s just authorized the use of the full resources of the country to end her life.  Epic Kill was created, written, and drawn by Raffaele Ienco, and he’s done an impressive job of giving us an assassin we can root for, even though for all we know her adversaries have every right to be angry.  I’m looking forward to finding out if she can survive such epic peril, and to seeing just how more epic the kills can get!



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