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Review: Dream Reavers #2

Jacques Nyemb 11/16/2011 Reviews


I had the privilege of reviewing the first issue of Raphael Moran’s Independent comic Dream Reavers. Issue 2 picks up where we left off, with more eye opening thrills.

In case you missed my previous review here is a recap of the story.


On their 16th birthday, four teens from various parts of the world all fell into a strange and sudden coma at the exact same moment. One by one they break free from their prison of dreams, only to be caught in a war in a mysterious world called Astral.

In the real world people thought they were freaks, but in a place like this, they can be gods.

My thoughts:

Dream Reavers #2 did not disappoint. With the return of Marc Borstel as the principal artist, the story still has its AMAZING illustration style. Just as last issue there was an “homage” within the pages in the form of a twisted take on Disney Princess movies, in a dream sequence illustrated by Enrique Rivera.

Raphael did an amazing job slowly revealing each character’s past and peaked just enough curiosity to make the reader want to know more. Each character’s personality peels away to give us a glimpse of their “possible” roles. We also get to learn more about the shadowy figures that imprisoned them in their dreams. Again, the story ends with cliffhanger that would make George Lucas proud.

One of the things I keep enjoying is that even the even the smallest details where taken care of. The bubbles, lettering and panels where still very well done (Yep I pay attention to those too).

Final Thoughts

Raphael Moran and his amazing team of artists have brought us another impressive, action packed installment. As before they successively immersed me in a  dream world I had no desire of leaving. I’m anxiously awaiting issue 3 to see what happens next.

If you still haven’t woken up from your slumber, WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD and buy Dream Reavers #1 NOW!

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