The BIG comics companies hold Morpheus’ god-like powers over us in their ability to inhabit our dreams. For years they have been weaving their spells, causing us to tune out other dreams as mere blurs. Well today I was transported into another world in the pages of Raphael Moran, independently published comic, Dream Reavers #1.

The Story:

On their 16th birthday, four teens from various parts of the world all fell into a strange and sudden coma at the exact same moment. One by one they break free from their prison of dreams, only to be caught in a war in a mysterious world called Astral.

In the real world people thought they were freaks, but in a place like this, they can be gods.

Why I liked it

Dream Reavers Cover1. It’s a page turner. Each character where perfectly revealed, giving the reader an idea of what to expect as the story progresses.

2. I love the hidden “homages” within the pages. I spotted a Jack Kirby influence, some Walking Dead and even a little EC comics in there (If you find them make sure to comment). Credits go to Atul Bakshi and David Hedmark for their contributions.

3. The story has a familiarity to it, yet is very uniquely told. We’ve all heard of stories of “dream tampering”, where some character enters one’s dream. I find the way Raphael sets up his characters to be heroes in the Astral world has the potential of being a very entertaining story.

4. The artwork is amazing. It’s almost hard to believe all of Marc Borstel work starts with hand drawn sketches. His Illustrations have an almost 3D rendered feel to them.

5. Although many people overlook it, when I review an indie comic, next to the story and art I scrutinize the lettering. I must say E.T. Dollman did a great job!

6. One of the Heroines has wings. Take that Hawkman!

The story ends well and leaves you with questions like:
Who is that weird shadowy creature glaring at the main characters?
Did “that girl” survive?
Did I just see a stripper?
What’s with the octopus with teeth?

I hope I’ve given you enough to awaken you from Morpheus’ slumber. Give our Indie dreamer, Raphael Moran, a chance.

Below is a preview of the first six pages as well as ways to contact Raphael, to get your copy.