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Review – Dark Swan: Storm Born #3

Comic Booked 09/10/2011 ZDONOTUSE

The Nerd is back again with another great comic book review.  I will admit before reading the comic, I was totally unfamiliar with Richelle Mead’s work.  But after reading only one issue of this limited series, I have found myself longing for more.  The story is very well written and the artwork is brilliant.  I found it more entertaining than most mature oriented comics.  Fans of this series will probably turn their noses up at this analogy, but to me this is Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Game of Thrones.  Yeah, that does sound terrible, but that is what I think of when reading this issue.

The heroine of this series, Eugenie Markham is very Buffy-like in her approach.  She’s tough, smart and a wise-ass, which is one thing I love in a female hero.  Eugenie is a freelance shaman, who protects this world from Otherworldly creatures.  She travels (so to speak) with three companions or more to the point prisoners.  They are each spirits she has trapped and as long as she as them, they must obey and protect her.

The three spirits are as unique as any three characters I have ever seen.  My favorite being Volusian, a dammed soul that Eugenie captured tormenting a suburban family.  He is bound to Eugenie, but has vowed to kill her if he is ever able to break free.  His duty to obey her, mixed with his utter hatred of her is quite humorous.

Eugenie travels to the Otherworld to rescue a girl taken against her will by a king named Aeson.  On Volusian’s advice they  seek out the king of the Oak Land, Dorian who would be most pleased to see Aeson fall.  Once there Eugenie and her spirit protectors are captured by Dorian’s men and taken to his castle.  Dorian is immediately smitten with Eugenie and takes advantage of his “hospitality”.  He agrees to help her get to Aeson and provides her with a guide to help her get into his castle.

The group easily infiltrates Aeson castle and finds the young girl being held by him.  It all turns out to be a trap and a room full of guards, with Aeson himself are there waiting for them.

“Dorian was fascinated by me, flirting with me, but I didn’t rise to any of it…even if it was charming at times.  Many of the other people touched each other brazenly.  Some were kissing, some were groping and some were doing…more.”

I enjoyed this book thoroughly.  The story had enough action and humor mixed in to keep my attention and to stay focused on the characters.  The novel this series is based on must be very well written for this to translate so well into comic form.  This genre of comic usually isn’t my cup of tea, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a good short series to get into.


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