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Ortegatron 08/17/2010 Reviews

A great comic book themed gift is the stuff we as kids dreamed of and still a dream of mine. A very unique one is even better. Getting a T-shirt or figure to display is great. Personally I possess many of both. Everything from video games to tooth paste, and several clocks, I have received all sorts of gifts over the years. All of which I love and kept. Most remain on display at my place for all to enjoy. Not often do I come across a kind of gift I do not already own. I may pass up some X-Men pogs, because I already own some.  While I do have an old Spider-Man wallet somewhere, I do not possess anything like the ones available at, nor have I seen any. Actual comic books used to construct these wallets.  But is it worth the destruction?

As stated on

“Each Comic Wallet is made from a page of a real comic book and laminated front and back with a clear adhesive plastic. The interior is reinforced with a strong fabric adhesive. “

Not only are the wallets created from actual comic book pages, but the site offers custom orders. This was great news for me, as I searched for a gift for a friend featuring New Warrior, Speedball. Finding little to nothing online, as is the case with many non main characters or ones from a team.  A custom made wallet from a New Warrior s book is a great solution. Wallets are subject to availability of comic pages and ship normally within five to ten days of order. The wallets were initially formed from 1980’s comic books only, but now have expanded. Newer comics from a variety of publishers have been available, along with manga wallets. Additionally, I noticed preorder specials for upcoming movie releases. If a wallet of interest is not available, now you can follow this product on twitter at New wallets and even sales are tweeted regularly.

Uncanny X-Men 248 as a wallet

While I love my numerous t-shirts and countless figures that watch me play comic book video games, I cannot help but want one of these wallets. Some of the collector crowd may dislike the idea of ruining a comic for pretty much any reason. I can definitely appreciate their point. I love comic books too and treat all I handle with great care. There are many great issues with iconic covers that I would love to retain in wallet form, but not at the expense of damage to the comic book. There are many more issues still containing great artwork I would harbor fewer reservations about damaging. But while this process does destroy a comic book, it does create something else interesting out of that process. Possibly several. For example: The current price for the 1989 X-Men comic book in the picture starts at only a few bucks on ebay. Hardly a disaster, and with a starting price of $15.00 for the wallet and all the way up to $30.00 for a custom job, a fan makes a little money and we get to be the envy of the people we have to pay. There is also the question of the condition the comic involved was in beforehand. Was it even in collectable condition? A comic missing the cover or with some damaged pages could yet make a great wallet.

Unique and functional, these wallets are made by a comic book fan for comic book fans. The fact that you can custom order makes these a perfect gift. Even if you are not planning on buying one or gifting one right away, I feel these wallets are worth considering. Now for me to order one.

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  2. Ortegatron 08/20/2010 at 12:26 am

    I have been watching my current wallet(bacon) fall apart. At first I was sad but now am almost cheering it on so I can get one of these.

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