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Review: Comic Company – The Conclusion!

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The two part season finale of Comic Company has hit the web, now will the conclusion tie everything together, or add more intrigue?  Read on to find out, but be wary of spoilers!

Episode fourteen, Waking Up, does bring us right back to where we started – with a pitch meeting!  With so much of the show focusing on the interpersonal relationships within the company lately, it was nice to see some work getting done and to get back into the nitty-gritty behind the scenes kind of stuff that the series began with.  In a lot of ways Comic Company seems to have outgrown or outlasted its premise, or maybe the crazy personalities inside that office hijacked the show from the beginning.  Either way I guess the only thing worse than bringing up an idea during a pitch meeting is being an ignorant fool during one, and Sean has taken being a tool to a whole new level.  How long has he been with Zenescope, and he still refuses to read the books?

Sean from Zenescope is a toolFor the sake of integrity I have to admit episode fourteen felt like an extended commercial for The Waking and its ongoing sequel The Waking: Dreams End, but it did introduce the audience to Madison.  Madison’s presence is also all about taking things back to the beginning, and implies serious consequences for everyone in the company who ever cut corners to get ahead, or took extreme measures to eliminate the competition.  Her arrival teases a reckoning, and the title of episode fifteen, Madison Reigns, is a playful take on her name that may also indicate how much of an impact she will eventually have.  Unfortunately the first person to suffer after her arrival is the least deserving of all – Mr. Robot.  Robot has been nothing but a class act since starting at Zenescope, and it’s hard to imagine going forward without him.  Zenescope has so much coming up too, with Fly returning, and their Robyn Hood remix on the horizon as well as a live action adaptation of one of their flagship titles.  Is it too early to start clamoring for a second season of Comic Company?  Nah, I’d say go right ahead!


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