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Review: Comic Company Episode Four!

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Episode four of Comic Company brings you into Zenescope’s offices to see what it’s like to work for a real comic book publisher!  I’ve been following this web series since the beginning, and so far the only real complaint I have is how short each episode is.  There’s a certain charm in not overdoing it, and the brevity is becoming a part of its personality, but the show is just so much fun!  Even seemingly mundane goings on end up having something deeper lurking underneath them, and everything requires at least a second glance.  Take the office lunch bandit.  Many workplaces have one, that unscrupulous robber that deprives you of your nourishment, raiding the office fridge like it was the Eastern Roman Empire and they were Attila the Hun.  It seems Zenescope has one of their own, in fact this episode is named after their Iced Tea Thief.  I found this shocking given what a tight knit group they seem to be.  What was even more shocking is whose drink it was.  Why anyone would steal from Hatter is beyond me.  I’ve never heard anyone speak a bad word about him, besides, have you ever heard the expression mad as a hatter?  This is not someone I would mess with, even if I had a brilliant plan and a pair of fall guys.

zenescope web series comic company do you want to work in comic booksThere is a serious portion of the show, where we learn just how cut throat the comic book industry can be, but the majority of it is occupied by Hatter’s iced tea drama.  Now I’m not sticking up for kitchen thieves, but please watch this and tell me, does anyone else think Hatter is being a little overly dramatic?  He occupies most of the episode’s run time pestering people about his missing beverage, and never even gets to the bottom of it.  All he accomplishes by the end is making more work for the boss, the secretary, and everyone else.  It’s not even that great of a drink.  I could understand if it was delicious Wawa iced tea, but its looks like it’s just Gold Peak, and even worse look at the label:

mad hatter drinks diet tea, the zenescope web series is still awesome though

That’s obviously the diet variety.  Can you believe Hatter has the nerve to insult other people’s manhood, meanwhile his choice of beverage seems to say, “By next week I hope I can fit into one of Alice’s dresses”?  I honestly think he needs to just chill out, but still I congratulate Zenescope on their hiring practices, because that office has a cast of characters that’s entertaining enough to keep me coming back every week!  A wise individual once said “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see,” and that quotes applies to this web series.  Once again I suggest that you keep coming back to their channel for other great content as well.  Their Kickstarter has been a success, and a pilot episode of an animated Grimm Fairy Tales series is on the way!  They’ve offered great incentives all along, and keep dropping news about awesome collaborators joining the project.  It’s worth a click just to see one of their staffers get roughed up, but don’t feel too bad for him it seems like it’s all in good clean fun!

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