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Review: Carnage #1

Ortegatron 10/21/2010 ZDONOTUSE

Carnage #1 varient cover

A five part limited series starring Carnage begins this month. Last we saw the murderous symbiote,  he was flown into space and torn in half by the Sentry, presumably killed. It seems this was not to be the end of the evil for Carnage, at  least the symbiote half has survived. Love the gory chaos and pure random evil or hate the predictable sonic gun story lines, every two months writer Zeb Wells and artist Clayton Crain will be bringing Carnage back into the Marvel Universe.

Torn in Half

Torn in Half

Issue one begins with a chase scene. Standard armoured car through Manhattan with what seems to be Spidey chasing. Unfortunately it’s Doppelganger and he wants whatever is in the truck badly. Meanwhile at a medical supply expo, Tony Stark is flipped the bird by a thought controlled prosthetic arm. The tech used to achieve that level of control concerns Tony, but his call for information on the presenter is interrupted by the high speed chase. A quick change, a call to Peter Parker to confirm the red blur swinging by was not Spider-man, and the two Avengers give chase. A history lesson from Spider-Man on the massacre Carnage, Shriek, and Dopplegnager and they realize they are surrounded by mind controlled New Yorkers. Royal Blue and Firebrick show up looking very Iron Man and shooting very Carnage looking webbing to control the crowd. To stop Doppelganger, Royal Blue fires with lethal force taking a good portion of the lower right side of off of him. A unknown woman chasing the truck loses an arm in the blast and all are wondering what was in that truck that was so important? The answer is Frances Louise Barrison, Alias: Sandra Deel, Alias: Shriek. Her powers was making the New Yorkers crazy as she was transported through the city. Transported to meet a mangled Carnage symbiote floating in a glass bubble.

Carnage #1

With nothing but questions raised by this first issue and Dopplegnager maybe dead again, things are starting off like a typical Carnage story. People die and more to come. Who exactly is pulling strings and when they fail to control Carnage remains to be seen. I really enjoyed the artwork especially Iron Man’s look and the very creepy red symbiote mass in a snow globe at the end. I have high hopes it’s not just some form of Maximum Carnage all over again as the story could take all kinds of fun turns. Will Carnage pay back the Sentry for what he did. Is Cletus Kasady alive or will the Carnage symbiote seek out a female? If a female, will it be Shriek? Will Toxin appear? Could the symbiote know Spider-Man’s identity is as it could have been in space during the One More Day story arc? Go grab a copy of Carnage #1 for yourself and speculate with us.

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