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Review: Blink – So Far

Jacques Nyemb 01/19/2012 Reviews

Quite often I default to looking for action packed comics to whisk me away from the realities of the world. But once in a while a gem falls into my lap and reminds me how cool it is to be “human”. My buddy Todd whose comic I reviewed recently, sent me a copy of Blink by Max Ink. This comic may not have jolted my action senses, but it did provide a calming, contemplative feeling, similar to enjoying a rainy day.

The story
Blink is the story of three 20-something friends living in Columbus, Ohio. The blond haired cartoonist lends the book her name. She is eternally hopeful and her cheerful manner is always quietly expressed. Sam is her best friend, quick to grumble in disbelief of the world around her, a definite Johnny Raincloud who hides an incredibly sweet heart. And there’s Hank, the would-be musician who claims to have never heard the Blues.

As I constantly say, I love the diversity in independent comics. For those who love “real” stories, this comic will certainly appeal to you. After the many grumblings over the depiction of women in comics, this comic does a wonderful job depicting it’s lead characters (who are female) in a very realistic manner. So realistic in fact, I swear I have worked with Sam (Blink’s best friend) before.

Blink is beautifully illustrated, framed and lettered. Max did a wonderful job keeping the story visually engaging. It easily could have been boring with the many “every day conversations” filling the page, but somehow the reality of the book kept me interested.

I’ve never been to Ohio, but the book somehow transported me there, with landmarks and eateries that caused me to do some Googling to see if they where real. English Majors would love the literature quotes peppered within the pages. They served well as transitions for events at play.

Final Thoughts
I highly recomend this comic to any comic lovers looking to take a little break from spandex and capes. This comic will transport you next door and allows you to enjoy the things that make us human.

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  1. Monkeyball 01/26/2012 at 2:52 pm

    Looks great! Thanks for the review!

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