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Review: Batman and Robin Annual 2

Jeff Hill 01/31/2014 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Batman and Robin Annual 2 InteriorBatman and Robin Annual 2

Peter J. Tomasi, Doug Mahnke, Patrick Gleason


Spoiler alert!  You have been warned!


Flashback issues are difficult for two reasons.  Well, more than two reasons, but the biggest two are the easiest to complain about when they fail us as readers and fans.  They are usually boring if they play it safe.  And they are usually a continuity nightmare if they try to try something new.  But leave it to Batman writer extraordinaire (and former DC Comics editor and stickler for not breaking the past) Peter J. Tomasi to somehow pull off the usually-believed impossible.  How did he do it?  Well, to be fair, he had the help of great artists in the form of series regular Patrick Gleason and guest artist Doug Mahnke.  And also to be fair, he did so in a conventional (hey, it works, don’t fix what works) method of storytelling.  He framed a “lost story” within a current tale.  And it worked brilliantly.

Damian apparently left a secret package for Dick before he died.  Bruce and Alfred called him in from Chicago (obviously this takes place before the events of Forever Evil) to open it and explain.  So he does, but, as he lets them know, he’s a showman.  So he’s got a tale he has to share first.  It’s about the first time he told Damian about the dangers and privileges associated with being Robin.  What happens next is a fun, heartfelt, and slightly updated tale (that we haven’t heard precisely, but doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel).  Then we find out that Damian, in his own little lovable smartass way, simultaneously does Dick a favor by taking care of a loose end from his tenure as the Boy Wonder and insults him by proving that he was a better Robin.  To which Dick, Alfred, and even Bruce share a well-done moment of reflection, agreeing that Damian was the best.

My Rating: 5/5

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