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Review: Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge

Simon Peter Curran 05/29/2012 Reviews

This review contains potential spoilers for this DLC that has been released on 29/05/12

Grab your Batarangs, capes and cowls because it is once again time to return to the horrors of Arkham City in Rocksteady’s latest DLC for Batman: Arkham City, Harley Quinn’s Revenge.

Set some weeks after the Arkham City crisis that gripped Gotham so tightly that it will struggle to be the same ever again. And that can be said for our games main cast also, brace yourselves for a much darker journey into the former super prison than experienced before.

Making their return in this DLC are of course Batman and Harley Quinn, who are supported well by Commissioner Jim Gordon, Oracle and for the first time to be playable in a story mode setting, Tim Drake as Robin. And this is who we start our story off with.

Harley Quinn's Revenge

We re-enter Arkham City to find Robin has infiltrated the complex in search for Batman who has gone missing for two days following an attempted rescue of GCPD officers who have been captured by princess of crime and all around nut job, Harley Quinn. Playing as Robin is something that fans around the world have been crying out for since the release of Arkham City back in October when the Robin challenge map bundle was released with special editions of the game. And Rocksteady have heard the collective cries and answered by giving Robin a generous 75% of this DLC’s gameplay. No doubt this will be a real killer when sales of the Game Of The Year Edition of Arkham City roll out.

The game mechanics are unchanged from Arkham City, nothing new here. We can enjoy flying around a warehouse pounding on thugs to our hearts content with the amazing free flow comabt system. Everything is virtually the same. If you have played as Robin before in the challenge maps, then you know what to expect; the quick flips and staff work are a work of art and look fantastic, kudos to Rocksteady on the combat system, always one of my favourite aspects of the original game.

Once you have run around the city for a while as Robin, it is time to jump back two days and take up the mantle of the Bat once more! From the get go, we notice that our caped crusader is a changed man. Deeply affected by the events of the main storyline that took place some in game weeks ago, Batman is darker and more brooding than ever before. A man on the edge one might say. Batman must infiltrate the steel mill in order to rescue a handful of Commissioner Gordon’s men. Simple, right? But unfortunately, Batman is captured and is out of commision until Robin can save him. With a dramatic mini story such as this, Harley Quinn’s revenge bring back the action packed detective work of Arkham City on a smaller, but detailed and intricate stage. Set in the Steel Mill and the surrounding area, Batman and Robin must stop Harley Quinn before she does serious damage to all of Gotham.

Harley Quinn's Revenge - Robin

My advice to readers is to spend as much time as you can looking round. Yes you have been here before in the main game, however much has changed. You are exploring different areas, and the areas you have been to before aren’t the same as they were. Pay particular notice to the office in which Joker injects his blood into Batman during the main storyline. There are some nice surprises in there for you!

A great outing for a DLC. This is how DLC should be made, a brilliant self contained story that takes all the aspects of what makes the Arkham games so great and enjoyable. Rocksteady hit it right on the head with this one. A very well deserved 5/5 from me!

If you already have Arkham City you can pick up this DLC for 800 points on the Xbox Marketplace, or a reasonable $9.99 on the PSN. But if you would like to have the complete Arkham City experience that includes all DLC, complete with challenge maps, extra character skins and the Harley Quinn’s Revenge chapter, then you can pick up the Game of the Year Edition, available 29/05/12.

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