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Review: Avengers vs. X-Men #6

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Last time we met, The Phoenix Force was shot by Tony Stark’s Transformer Phoenix Killer. But the Phoenix was fractured, choosing five X-Men, Cyclops, Namor, Emma Frost, Colossus, and Magik, as it’s host.  It ended with Captain America and the other Avengers stunned. (Howard Stark would be so disappointed with Tony.)  The Phoenix Five head back to Earth, preparing to fix the world.   Fast forward ten days as Charles Xavier exits a shuttle to be greeted by his old friend Magneto.  Magnus welcomes Xavier to Utopia and they have a conversation I have waited for ever since Scott became the leader of all of the world’s mutants.  The talk is not between Xavier and Magneto.  It is between the teacher and the student.  The ultimate role reversal.  Charles goes to Utopia to talk some sense into Summers, but he is no match for the Phoenix Force which read Xavier’s mind before he even gets the chance to speak.   Xavier explains the world is afraid of The Phoenix Five to which Cyclops quotes Xavier’s dream of humans and mutants living in harmony. Charles is taken aback, saying “This is not what I meant”.  But Cyclops responds simply with “I know…it’s something better”.  Welcome to Avengers vs. X-Men #6

Cyclops and Professor X continue to talk. Xavier explains that Scott’s concept of molding reality the way he sees fit won’t last.  There will be consequences.  Scott explains that mankind will accept the future; mutants have paid the price way too long and  the day Xavier longed for has come. “Here is your dream Charles.  I have given it to you.”   Cut to Avengers Tower where Iron Fist contacts Captain America and tells him that things didn’t exactly go as planned.  Cap figures the X-Men intervened, preventing Iron Fist from succeeding, but Iron Fist explains that Electric Legion overwhelmed them and they probably would have been killed had Colossus not shown up and saved them. Iron Fist then surprises Cap further as he learns Colossus didn’t even fight the Electric Legion but convinced them to function as a power grid for Eastern Europe.  More free energy.  Everything worked out fine.  Steve Rogers isn’t sure what to make of this.

Captain America discusses what should be the next call to action as Rogers seems frustrated with all the good deeds the X-Men are doing.  Panther and Beast both agree they don’t need to do anything: the X-Men haven’t done anything wrong. They’ve provided free energy, destroyed weapons, and tried to build peace.  Cap and Iron Man confirm they are too powerful but they can’t risk using the Phoenix Killer (I can’t wait for this thing to leave comic book continuity as this is pretty ridiculous) as it could create even more hosts for the Phoenix. Wolverine tries to bring Beast over to his side (alongside Cap and Iron Man) but Beast explains he has known these people all of his life he isn’t just going to come up with a plan to kill them for molding the world into an actual utopia.

Cyclops and Hope discuss the Phoenix and how awesome the power is.  Cyclops explains that Hope rejected it and now she doesn’t deserve it.  In a panel where  Hope looks like a fat faced 10 year old that you can’t help but laugh, Hope raises her hand and tells Scott that it wants to burn brighter. Scott explains that the Phoenix Five are going to accomplish so much more.   After the been numerous issues of New Avengers, featuring K’un Lun, it finally comes to fruition as more foreshadowing of the promised Iron Fist versus the Phoenix Force battle continues.  Meanwhile, Cap, Tony, and T’Challa are at the White House explaining what is to come, that the X-Men want to create a better world. The president appreciates the kind thoughts but the X-Men were prepared to go to war when the Avengers came to get Hope.  So the X-Men aren’t exactly “accountable” at this point.  They have not earned merit.  In another moment of foreshadowing we see a very young team of Avengers consisting of the original team as the Phoenix kills them all, Wanda Maximoff realizes this is the next step.  No more Avengers.

The Avengers plan a rescue mission to grab Hope but T’Challa will not be joining them as he doesn’t condone the actions the Avengers are taking. He most certainly doesn’t want to put Wakanda in danger.  As the Avengers grab Hope, they are met by Scott Summers who is attacked and lifts his hand, easily destroying Tony Stark’s armor.  The Avengers are about to be wiped out when Scarlet Witch shows up and tries to take Hope away.  Wanda is grabbed by Scott but he feels something holding him back.  Wanda leaves with Hope and the Avengers but Scott realizes that the Avengers are never going to stop bullying them.  They are never going to leave them alone. They are always going to push them into a corner.  Cyclops holds a piece of Captain America’s armor and proclaims that things will change now.  No more Avengers.

Well done team Marvel!   This event is set to change the Marvel Universe and with Spidey now training Hope (New Avengers), who knows where things can go.  More and more I think Wanda is such an obvious choice to sacrifice herself and take on the Phoenix but I can’t help but think Jean Grey will be coming back at some point especially with how many clones Sinister made of Madelyen Pryor (Uncanny X-Men).  Other than the horribly disappointing Hope artwork by Coipel the artwork was pretty good, the story, the characters.  The interaction between Cyclops and Xavier was something dreams are made of.   How the tables have turned as Magneto stands by Xavier’s star pupil.  Amazingly, this big summer event has impressed me so much.   Wolverine and Beast have both stayed with the Avengers which is very surprising but pleasant change of pace.  It’s about time the X-Men finally have the upper hand.

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